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Bento-Studio, Frogames
Oct 30, 2014 - PlayStation 4, Wii U, PC, PlayStation 5

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Cosmophony WiiU Trailer (30 Oct 2014)

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Critic Reviews for Cosmophony

A great concept that's well executed in terms of the way it combines music and movement. It's certainly fun, but the game is short, and its difficulty level is very steep indeed.

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Cosmophony is like a firework. As it's flying up and sending out sparks, interest builds. Once it detonates it's an awesome show of color and sound. After that it's over and everybody goes home. It's short and intense, but it stops being interesting once it oversteps the line between fun and frustrating. I played it and enjoyed it until it felt unfair, and now I probably won't ever touch it again.

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With a relatively small asking price and a unique premise, Cosmophony is a game that should at least be experienced by anyone who rates gameplay above all other aspects.

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Simple, psychedelic and effective, this is how one can sum up Cosmophony, the latest rhythm game to hit the Wii U's eShop catalogue. Its gameplay mechanics are very well implemented, which makes for long hours of fun topped by its sometimes too punishing difficulty level.

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In Cosmophony, you die. A lot. If there\'s one thing to know about the game before going in, it\'s that. The developers know this, too, and the entire game is based around you dying with regularity. The experience is made up of five 2-to-3 minute levels that gain length purely through your failure. Fortunately, it\'s challenging in just the right way, and offers ways to get better, so in the end Cosmophony winds up being a must-play for any who yearn for the days when a game would utterly and completely kick your butt.

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Cosmophony blends the runner and shooter genres together just about perfectly. When it comes to finding actual fault with the game, its small level count is the only issue.

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Cosmophony ends up playing like a demo, stripped of its powers to sustain by its confused design, lack of content and its impossible level of difficulty.

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Cosmophony is not a perfect game, but a very entertaining one at the very least. The gameplay and presentation are really smooth and get you in the mood for a go. The difficulty ramps up a bit too fast for my liking though and not everyone will see the end of what the developers have prepared because of it.

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