Out There: Ω The Alliance

Raw Fury
Apr 9, 2019 - Nintendo Switch

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Out There: Ω The Alliance

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Critic Reviews for Out There: Ω The Alliance

Raw Fury's Out There: Omega The Alliance is the best version of the game on Nintendo Switch

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Out There: Ω The Alliance is a roguelike that takes the terrifying prospect of travelling the lonely stars and makes a pulpy comic book adventure of it. Luck and chance are often as important an influence as tactics and knowledge, but with so much to discover (and enough content to warrant multiple playthroughs) this intergalactic adventure will have you humming that iconic mining menu theme tune from Mass Effect 2 in no time.

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While I do fully enjoy this game, there are some things I would like to have seen a bit more of including visuals for inside the ships that show the players changes. Maybe even a semi multiplayer mode where you can compare your progress with another to drive performance and challenges.

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As it is, I would recommend this game to those who like sci-fi rogue-likes and those who played FTL and wanted more story from it. There is a solid base here, but a little more variety in gameplay and a few more quality-of-life tweaks would take Out There from a white dwarf to a red giant.

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GOOD - Out There Ω The Alliance offers plenty of new content for its Switch release. Small text in handheld mode is a bit problematic, but I still had a fun time. Easy to learn resource management should engage most players, but the RNG will usually get the best of you so don’t be surprised to start over a lot. This one will allow you to explore the dire and bleak adventure of solitary space travel and the mental impact that follows.

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Great space epic that just begin it will become a journey of survival and horror, as a successful resource management is indispensable and any mistake is fatal. We will have to make many decisions on which our success will depend in a hostile environment, to return home. The roguelike elements give the title a very successful replayability in order to see the four possible endings. Highly recommended.

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Overall, Out There: Ω The Alliance can be a fun little exploration game, though it is at times overbearing. The latter will be especially true for players new to the genre. The game started life as a mobile title (Out There: Chronicles), and later got a PC version that can be found on Steam (Out There: Ω Edition). The new Switch version is the definitive version, with three new ships and some new bits of random story text added in. Survival is not easy as you drift through space. You are pretty much at the mercy of the random number generator. I’ve spent more than 10 hours flying through randomly generated galaxies and reached one ending so far. I’ve been close to getting another one several times, but my luck keeps running out a bit too soon. The rest of my journeys saw me die much sooner. Out There: Ω The Alliance is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $14.99. Can you survive the perils of space, or does death await you in the next star system?

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