Plug In Digital, Accidental Queens, ARTE France
May 16, 2019 - PC

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Alt-Frequencies - Release Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Alt-Frequencies


No Recommendation / Blank

A promising conspiracy that's over before it's begun.

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Accidental Queens once again manages to use non-conventional gameplay systems to tell a story that is grounded, relevant and compelling. I just wish I had a little more time with it.

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Overall, I found Alt-Frequencies provided some great commentary on how the media decodes the underlying truth and spoon feeds it to the public and how governments can step in to attempt to control the narrative.

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Alt-Frequencies has a unique hook in its gameplay and story, with plenty of potential, but it skews towards being an all-too-brief mobile game rather than a full fledged adventure puzzle.

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Alt-Frequencies has become a nice little in-between thriller that works especially well on a smartphone. Just don't expect a gripping story on triple A level and don't be disappointed by the sometimes simple puzzles. So the title does justice to its price of just a few Euros and is suitable for a longer train or car ride.

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Alt-Frequencies is a rather nice game with an inspiring premise but with a somewhat lacklustre ending. That’s my only complaint about the game: the story isn’t particularly deep, it presents ideas and a setting and a story but it doesn’t go anywhere with it, it just ends! It does, however, make a pleasant change from the standard of normal puzzle games. So if you’re looking a different style of puzzle game maybe you should try out Alt-Frequencies and listen to the radio.

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Overall, Alt-Frequencies has some nice puzzles and a great change of pace from your typical puzzle game. The gameplay may be too simple for some, but I think it works thanks to the short run time. I would be excited to see what the team does next with the concept because I would like more auditory games like this one to hit the market.

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Never before had I had so much fun with a radio. The experience is rather short, however, especially on Nintendo Switch due to missing achievements.

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