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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchJun 20, 2019

Developer: Mebius

With its reliance on BAC, humanity had forgotten how to operate even basic transportation, let alone weapons. After the attacks from BAC and the subsequent social chaos, the human population was reduced by half. However, there was a group within Lerman Matsunaga that foresaw the dangers of a dependence on Buster Engines and the BAC that controlled them. This group led the third stage of energy development, an anti-BAC weapon developed in secret that would render Busterium inert, called the Rolling Gun. The third stage of energy development, the military package of the Rolling Gun and the mothership named the Anti-BAC Suppression Independent Control Armament "Rolling Gun" Deployment Warship RF-42R STORK was rolled out. March 18th, 2061 - "Operation Downfall" Commences The mission: to destroy BAC, which has turned Lerman Matsunaga into a fortress.

Rolling Gunner Critic Reviews

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Kudos to Mebius for creating an entry in the genre that does so much to welcome newcomers into the fold whilst at the same time offering a blisteringly difficult challenge with plenty of hidden depth to hardened warriors looking for their next shooter addiction.

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Rolling Gunner features classic arcade shoot 'em up gameplay that's as tight and challenging as its visuals are flashy.

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Rolling Gunner is a fairly standard shooter, taking some elements and working on making them polished enough so that players of any skill levels could get used to shooting games, while experts can challenge themselves on the higher difficulties or by limiting themselves to getting as far as possible on one credit. It may not do anything new, but it serves as a fun, solid shooter for score chasing fans who enjoy these old-school games.

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Don’t let its somewhat drab exterior fool you, Rolling Gunner is worth a look for genre professionals and up-and-comers alike. Its the kind of game that, despite only being six stages long, I can see myself returning to for a long time coming.

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