Archlion Saga

Kabushiki Kaisha Kotobuki Solution
Jul 18, 2019 - Nintendo Switch
Digitally Downloaded
0.5 / 5
Seafoam Gaming
7 / 10
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Archlion Saga - Official Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Archlion Saga

In the end, the started and overt point of Archlion Saga is that it was developed to introduce people who are less familiar with JRPGs to the genre. The developers failed in doing that, since anyone who plays this as their first JRPG won't touch another one for a very, very long time. No one likes having their intelligence insulted, even if they are completely new to something.

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For a very, very short RPG, Archlion Saga was surprisingly enjoyable. The pacing was pretty good for the length of the game, the combat was simple enough to be entertaining while not too mindless, and there’s still some strategy to be had during the course of the five chapter adventure. I can’t help but find that Hit-Point still nailed their gameplay and presentation despite the shortness of the game, and the fact the whole experience was enjoyable and fun from start to finish is worth noting too. If you have funds to spend, Archlion Saga isn’t a bad way to spend an afternoon.

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In Archlion Saga, KEMCO and Hit Point Co set out to create a self-aware budget RPG that strips away the fluff, getting to the core of the RPG experience.

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