Attack of the Toy Tanks

Ratalaika Games

Attack of the Toy Tanks MastheadAttack of the Toy Tanks Masthead

Attack of the Toy Tanks

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Game Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Jun 25, 2019
Xbox OneJun 26, 2019
PlayStation VitaJun 25, 2019
Nintendo SwitchJun 28, 2019

Developer: Ratalaika Games

War is coming whether you’re ready for it or not soldier! In Attack of the Toy Tanks, across the game’s 60 levels in the main campaign, players must take control of the provided vehicle of war and battle it out across different arenas and be the last tank standing. Just in case the AI controlled threat doesn’t offer up enough of a challenge, you can always check out the multiplayer mode and go head to head against a friend. Must warn you though, it’s not just the heavy artillery you will need to avoid as there is also a range of devastating obstacles that can KO you upon impact. - 60 levels with increasing difficulty - Arena based gameplay - 2 Player Battle Mode
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Attack of the Toy Tanks - Launch Trailer

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I really wanted to enjoy Attack of the Toy Tanks. But I found the AI poor, something the repetitive level design only emphasized, leading to tedium. Meanwhile, the multiplayer is disappointing in its limitations. Replay incentive is low, due to strict rating time limits, and the fact that you don't seem to unlock upgrades or anything else.

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