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DOOM Classic is ranked in the 89th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
4.3 / 5.0
May 2, 2021

The best version of the classic Doom games and its portable.

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Aug 19, 2019

DOOM is a trilogy that does not cease to excite

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Top Critic
8 / 10.0
Aug 13, 2019

Overall the Doom Collection on Switch is a treat to own. It has literally provided several hours of entertainment. Each game offers a smooth, slick gameplay experience and offers players some serious bang for the buck. Despite the sleep mode issue, all three titles are worth picking up if you're a fan of the series and are looking to introduce some Demons to the business end of a double-barrel.

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Apr 14, 2023

All in all, my conclusion was pretty simple: if it’s been a few years since you played the original Doom — or perhaps you’ve never played it if you’re a young ‘un — then I highly, highly recommend you take a bit of time to enjoy it today. It’s a game that holds up extraordinarily well even after 30 years — and a first-person shooter that I’d still gladly take in favour of a significant number of today’s offerings.

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8 / 10
Mar 4, 2020

Doom's arrival on the wonderful system that is the Nintendo Switch is the perfect opportunity to be reminded of why it's such a fantastic experience despite its age. It's old-school FPS fun at its finest, and now you can carry it's dark corridors and hellish landscapes on the smallest of backpacks. Sadly, while the gameplay has been left intact, this version is far from the perfect port that it could be, due to a couple of odd omissions and changes - but at least it is super cheap (as it should).

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