Columns II: The Voyage Through Time

Oct 17, 2019 - Nintendo Switch

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Columns II: The Voyage Through Time Media

Critic Reviews for Columns II: The Voyage Through Time

Columns’ gameplay is simple, addictive, and largely fun, but it’s also quite a challenge. Despite loss after loss, Columns and Columns II are fun to go back to and try again, just see if I could top my last score.

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This is a perfectly average, competent, fun puzzle game that was very fun to play for a few hours and nothing more beyond that. It doesn't revolutionize the puzzle genre in any way, but it was a good experience while it lasted. And like with any Sega Ages title, the added content makes this the best version of the game yet.

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Though both One and Three of the trilogy have been widely available for a considerable time, Columns II is likely the most unique of the trio, and now upon a western release offers not only the original in all its splendour but a fun puzzler sequel to its own merit. Enjoyable for curious puzzler newcomers and genre veterans alike, even if a little simplistic for the latter crowd.

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Sega Ages: Columns II contains much more than its title would suggest. If you enjoy retro puzzlers, you'll sink hours into this release as it contains plenty of fantastic content that showcases the addictive core gameplay beautifully.

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The SEGA AGES port of Columns II may not be out here in the west for a while, (due to the irritating gap in releases we’ve had) but it is currently out in Japan, and if you’re an import fanatic like I am, I absolutely feel that it’s worth picking up from the Japanese eShop due to the sheer addictive nature of Columns I, the outstanding online mode for Columns II, and the braincrushing puzzles that will test puzzle fans to their limits.

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As fun as Columns II can be, the poor difficulty curve and lack of online opponents don’t make it the easiest game to recommend. Before long you’re left with a still rather simple puzzle game on a system which has an overwhelming number of strong options in the genre. The first and third Columns titles are even available as part of the Sega Genesis Classics collection on the Switch.

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After a handful of hours, you will have experienced pretty much everything Sega Ages - Columns II: The Voyage Through Time has to offer. What is there is certainly entertaining and as a classic offering, should appeal to people such as myself who have fond memories of this type of game or just enjoy puzzlers in general.

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