Secret Neighbor

tinyBuild, Hologryph, Dynamic Pixels
Oct 24, 2019 - PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Nintendo Life
4 / 10
5.5 / 10
70 / 100
Rapid Reviews UK
2 / 5
Nindie Spotlight
4.6 / 10
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Secret Neighbor Trailers

Secret Neighbor - PAX West 2019 Trailer thumbnail

Secret Neighbor - PAX West 2019 Trailer

Secret Neighbor Beta Trailer - Starts Aug 2 thumbnail

Secret Neighbor Beta Trailer - Starts Aug 2

Secret Neighbor - E3 2019 Trailer | Hello Neighbor Multiplayer Horror Game thumbnail

Secret Neighbor - E3 2019 Trailer | Hello Neighbor Multiplayer Horror Game

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Critic Reviews for Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor is, in theory, a meaningful and intriguing spin-off from Hello Neighbor, introducing multiplayer elements that really should work quite well. In practice, however, the game suffers from poor controls, unremarkable environmental design, and quite frankly, its own player base. Matches turn into insufferable spectacles of chaos, and even when players commit to the game's rules, it's still completely unbalanced, favouring the incredibly powerful Neighbor each and every time. Even if you're a fan of asymmetric multiplayer games, you're better off skipping this one.

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Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer game that can be fun at times, while also being rather repetitive and having a number of issues involved.

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Using the base of Hello Neighbor, we have an asymmetric multiplayer title, playing cat and mouse, or cops and robbers instead. Collaboration and mistrust make for a game with a very interesting base but one that lacks more content and weight to be a comehoras, but which is enjoyed equally, especially when playing with friends.

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Secret Neighbor has come to Nintendo switch bringing a unique horror, multiplayer, online experience. Set in the world of the Hello Neighbour universe, things will be familiar to people who have previously played games in series. Though this time around your goals are all about team work. You select one of six kids and work together with the other members in your team to find key cards that are scattered around one of two houses, and locate all of the six keys to open the basement door locks and escape. All the while being pursued by an evil neighbour who is amongst your party in a disguise, waiting to strike.

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The creepy Neighbor is apparently back, yet again, to give off his weird vibes and entice people to plunk down some money to join in his latest endeavor... in this case an asymmetric multiplayer experience with a group of kids trying to best him...

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