Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising

Microsoft Game Studios, Capcom Vancouver
Feb 21, 2014 - Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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Critic Reviews for Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising

The problem with Chaos Rising is that while it offers up something unique compared to the other two DLCs, it suffers from a weak, unengaging lead character and uninteresting sidequests. What Capcom should have done with these add-ons is meld all these ideas together for a massive single campaign for $10. As it stands after three middling parts, I can firmly say that spending the full $30 for the Season Pass is a waste.

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But it provides a different gameplay experience from the main story. You will most likely find yourself dodging Zombies and riding around on motorcycles, with the emphasis on killing other humans. Sadly, the game loses its identity a little when it becomes a simple biker game, and of course, once again it is all too short. The story ties nicely into that of Nick once you reach the end, but you will reach the end far too quickly.

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More Office Angels than Hells Angels.

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Don't expect anything great or unforgettable from Chaos Rising, the third and most lacklustre episode of Dead Rising 3's Untold Stories of Los Perdidos mini-narrative. It's formulaic in its likeness to its predecessors, and is simply a middle of the road offering.

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Chaos Rising is probably the most fun of the three episodes so far, but their similarity in everything from structure down to animation does little to endear the player to these hastily-sketched caricatures. There's every likelihood that the next episode will follow the same pattern but an hour is enough to draw an intriguing character. We haven't seen one yet - perhaps Capcom Vancouver are saving the best for last? We can but hope.

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Of the three released DLC packs so far, Chaos Rising is the worst of them. The whole campaign and a good chunk of the side missions are composed of fetch quests, and their tedium is highlighted by a mission where you do nothing but wait until a certain amount of time has passed before you can continue with the rest of the game. The boss fights are a nice touch, but with attack patterns reminiscent of some fights in the core game, the novelty quickly wears off. The weapons are nice, and the new vehicle is a blast to ride. As part of the Season Pass, this pack only reinforces one's buyer's remorse. As a stand-alone piece of DLC, Chaos Rising isn't worth the bother.

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How low can you go? Not content with mediocrity, Capcom Vancouver are on a crusade to singlehandedly destroy consumer confidence in next-gen season passes and DLC.

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