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Transport Fever 2

Urban Games, Good Shepherd Entertainment
Dec 11, 2019 - PC

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Transport Fever 2 - Launch Trailer

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Transport Fever 2 - In Depth Gameplay Showcase (Pre-Order Now)

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Transport Fever 2 - Release Date Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Transport Fever 2

Transport Fever 2 offers a pleasingly detailed logistics simulation, although it does move mightily slow at times.

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If you're new to the series, Transport Fever 2 is a great place to start. The campaign offers a gentle introduction to transportation logistics, while the late game guides you through managing modern cities. The new demand and production mechanics may annoy some more experienced players, who will also notice that this game isn't as much of a step forwards as Transport Fever 1 was over Train Fever, but fans will definitely find endless hours of replayabilty as they grow and master their transport empire.

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The controls and UI work well on consoles, and the visuals are great, making Transport Fever 2: Console Edition well worth checking out.

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There's much joy to be had building freight networks and watching cities grow … but what about the real-world pitfalls?

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Titles like Transport Fever 2 are not made for the general gamer. Tutorial aside, it’s a game for lovers of detail, challenge, and lots of moving parts. For those folks, Transport Fever 2 delivers on consoles the same experience as on PC. It’s a daunting but rewarding good time.

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Transport Fever 2 is the type of enthusiast sim that will keep its target audience rapt for hours. For everyone else, though, it's harder to recommend, as even with its single-player campaign serving as an extended tutorial, it can be difficult to parse. Despite an inconsistent frame rate and some questionable dialogue, it's an undeniably satisfying experience for the strategic-minded, and one of the most in-depth titles of its kind available on PlayStation platforms.

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Transport Fever 2 is a toothless but still ultimately enjoyable simulation of all things infrastructure. As you set up resource lines, passenger routes and more, you'll see the world develop and grow around your inputs and influence which is enjoyable and even an addictive thing. Simple and easy to get into, the core problem is that it takes simple a little too literally, with the game offering no real challenge throughout any game mode. Still, if you enjoy this sort of game, you could do a lot worse than Transport Fever 2.

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Transport Fever 2 is a game that will be appreciated in the long term. No doubt it will evolve over several years with a very dense content that will have to be explored. At a time when the player is taken by the hand systematically and where frustration is only little accepted by the players, TF2 asks you to dig, to search and to experiment. A little more information on how to manage railway flows and crossings would probably have benn a good idea. But the satisfaction of seeing that everything is working properly, the optimization of lines and routes are all rewards for your efforts. The fever is going up and it's not because you're sick!

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