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Umaiki Games, Fabraz
Jan 30, 2020 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Digital Chumps
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Skellboy Trailer: Launching January 30th 2020! thumbnail

Skellboy Trailer: Launching January 30th 2020!

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Skellboy: Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Skellboy

Despite the lovely voxel visuals and cute animations, Skellboy doesn't quite hit the mark. Uninspired combat, slow movement and poor objective signposting make it a little bland.

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Skellboy is a lovely looking game with an addictive soundtrack and lighthearted story. However, its main gameplay loop is unremarkable, and there isn't much to differentiate itself from the competition.

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Skellboy is an entertaining, brisk adventure. The general mechanics are solid, and it's hard not to like switching out body parts, even if the combat could use more immediacy. Fans of action-adventure games and 2D pixel art will likely have a good time.

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Skellboy features as many interesting elements as it features detracting obstacles. If the game's body parts' swapping mechanic is original and welcome and its art style is very good to look at, its uninspired combat system and performance issues end up setting the threshold at a lower level. So while Skellboy has enough features to please fans of adventure games, its flaws will limit the game's overall appeal.

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With an imaginative world and equally imaginative premise, Skellboy is an admirable attempt to provide an alternative to your average Zelda title.

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Skellboy is a Zelda clone with no meat on its bones.

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Unfortunately, despite some great ideas, a lot of the execution falls flat. With some tweaks and patches, some of my issues might be fixed, but as a whole, Skellboy isn’t a journey worth taking.

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Skellboy's strong points come from its writing and visual identity, not from its combat and gameplay. While there are certainly some unique mechanics to keep the game going, there isn't much there to keep players invested. The game is enjoyable enough to get through the story alone, just don't expect a deep gameplay loop within.

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