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Block N Load

Jagex Games Studio
Apr 30, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Block N Load

A habit-forming FPS for its strategic possibilities and tactical depth, but the lack of matchmaking is especially worrisome.

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Look, I don't want to be crapping all over this game because it actually is a decent title that based off of many multiplayer games on Steam, and it should get better with time. I am hoping that some content updates come sooner rather than later, as the game only has five maps at launch as well as one game mode and six characters, so in reality there's not much in the way of content here. I should not that thanks to the dynamic with the varied classes, the game can only be better with friends, but even as you play with them, the cheap tactics and repetitive gameplay can grow stale

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But the game is only £6.99, and what you get for that bargain basement price is a good slice of well-built fun. When you first boot it up it feels surprisingly robust, and there's never a sense that it was created on the cheap to cash in. The matchmaking can certainly make or break the experience from match to match, but when the going's good Block N Load is a smile-generating shooter.

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Ultimately, Block N Load is a ….load of fun (I'm sorry) and will be seeing a lot more playtime on my part moving forward. A highly strategic game that allows you a lot of freedom in what that strategy is. The team with the most innovative plan will likely be the winner, and that key element of innovation can come from anyone and any class.

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Ultimately, the game is best taken at face value. I'm sure someone somewhere will have tried to make this game as efficient as possible, and in a few cases there were matches where the usual online FPS player behaviors sprung their ragequitting, derivative-slinging heads. However, the gameplay moves just right to make this sort of thing easy to ignore, and finding fun ways to pull together and get a spectacular win or an embarrassing loss is the ultimate reason to play.

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While not terribly interesting or original, most classes have special abilities that play well with the construction/destruction concept.

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Block N Load offers an intelligent blend of tactical play and madcap carnage that hits the spot in a way that Ace of Spades never did. Despite some matchmaking issues and a couple of slightly underpowered classes, there's a thoroughly entertaining multiplayer game on offer here, and one that has bags of potential once the modders get their hands on it (there's no map creation tools out there at the moment, which is something I think Jagex needs to work on).

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If you're looking for a player driven, skill based, class operated first person shooter, Block N Load is not the game for you. Team Fortress 2, a game which is free to play in its entirety, does it better in just about every way.

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