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Michael Rfdshir, Sometimes You
Nov 9, 2019 - PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, PC
15 / 100
4 / 10
9 / 10
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Wurroom - Release Trailer

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Wurroom Trailer

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Ultra Strangeness - Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Wurroom

Wuroom looks amazingly creepy, which is a shame because it isn't worth your 99 cents or 10 minutes of your time. It feels like a tech demo for an art project, and maybe with a little more effort, it could be something more than a screensaver. There are much better ways to spend 99 cents on the eShop.

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Wurroom is really unorthodox, trippy, abstract, experimental, and any other fancy adjective used to describe something that is just plain weird. It sure looks nice and I do appreciate its usage of the Vita’s screen, but this is barely a game. It features the minimum amount of interactivity to make it qualify as a commercial video game. It might work as a very brief (and very forgettable) art presentation, but as a piece of entertainment, it’s just not good enough.

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Unknown Author
9 / 10.0

Starting this review is a struggle, and I anticipate the following will take some time to produce as words escape me when describing Wurroom. I’m quite lucky, or perhaps it’s down to my writing experience, but I seldom have difficulty in filling a page. Whether the piece is error-free or readable is debatable, but that’s the joy of editing. My problem here is conjuring up the right description or appraisal of a game that is beyond words.

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