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Deep Diving Adventures

Jujubee, Jujubee
Mar 16, 2020 - Nintendo Switch
IGN Korea
2 / 10
Movies Games and Tech
7 / 10
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Deep Diving Adventures for Nintendo Switch by Jujubee! Coming March 16, 2020! thumbnail

Deep Diving Adventures for Nintendo Switch by Jujubee! Coming March 16, 2020!

Deep Diving Simulator - Gameplay Trailer - Jujubee thumbnail

Deep Diving Simulator - Gameplay Trailer - Jujubee

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I’ve put quite a lot of hours into this game, and I intend to put in quite a few more. It’s a chill game that can be made even more soothing depending on the settings you chose. There are a few items to find and doors to open that seem to involve more guesswork than skill, so if that sort of thing bothers you, keep it in mind. By and large, it’s a lot of aimless wandering under the sea, collecting shells, hunting treasure, and cleaning the environment. When you accomplish enough of these goals, you can point your boat to the next location and do it again. I’m finding it the perfect game to accompany my quarantine TV binges.

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From the graphics and the main concept of the game, everything about this game was too simplistic. Although their objective was to spread awareness of protecting the environment, I’m curious whether if it delivered the message at all. The game doesn’t feel either as a simulator nor any adventure type of gameplay. Every activity felt repetitive and a mix of low polygon objects were breaking the atmosphere as if I was playing a video game or a budget cut motion picture. They have purposely slowed down all movements to mimic as if you’re underwater but instead of feeling like a scuba diver, it was just slowing down my gaming experience. The ending provided emptiness to reflect upon why I was even playing this game in the first place.

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Deep Diving Adventures is a wonderfully relaxing and interesting diving simulator. Undertake many quests, upgrade your equipment, and avoid every predator. The inclusion of the DLC adds longevity and makes this great value for money.

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