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Piczle Cross Adventure

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchApr 16, 2020
PCApr 16, 2020

Developer: Score Studios LLC

Publisher: Plug In Digital

Genres: Puzzle, RPG

Piczle Cross Adventure takes the classic nonogram logic-puzzle and turns it into something never before experienced in the genre: a story-driven, RPG-style 2D graphical adventure! Follow our heroes Score-chan, Gig and professor Matrix as they tackle their most daunting challenge yet. - An overworld made up of differently themed locations - Rebuild each area with objects you uncover by completing nonogram logic-puzzles - Fun characters and an engaging story - RPG stylings; earn XP, level up, find objects to help clear your way, access new areas and ultimately defeat the evil villain, find secrets - Expansive play options: determine how you enjoy playing nonogram puzzles with a wealth of playability options and customisable themes - Earn trophies by clearing puzzles and completing special and sometimes hidden quests - Retro-throwback: cute, pixelated art can be filtered to look like it is being played on classic CRT monitors (includes classic floppy disc "game saving" icon!) - Over 300 classic nonogram logic-puzzles

Piczle Cross Adventure Reviews

Piczle Cross Adventure is a nice mix between adventure and puzzles, filled with a funny story and many secrets to uncover. But even with its 300+ Picross, the settings still lack of most traditional and obvious options. Still, fans of the genre should definitely have a look.

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Piczle Cross Adventure is perhaps my favourite Picross-style game. From its rewarding campaign to its charm; what's not to love?

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