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Cannibal Cuisine

Rocket Vulture
May 20, 2020 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for Cannibal Cuisine

It's an absolute blast with friends, but dodgy controls and a lack of new ideas struggle to help Cannibal Cuisine stand out in the genre.

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Cannibal Cuisine is a great little spin on the cooking genre, and it's a blast with friends. While some UI and balance issues make for rough edges on the fun, the goofy and grisly nature make it a great addition for your cooperative craziness.

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The character placement and controls in Cannibal Cuisine could use a bit of tightening - for instance, there seems to be a pretty wide and inconsistent margin as to when a player falls into a gap and when they don’t - but for the most part, Cannibal Cuisine is just as fun as other co-op party games such as Overcooked and Tools Up! Its bloody cartoon violence - and, you know, cannibalism - is probably a bit too much for younger players. But for groups of older gamers who are fans of this sort of game, you’ll likely eat up Cannibal Cuisine. Which is better than the other way around.

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Cannibal Cuisine is a flawed and crude Overcooked.

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It is not known for sure when it was that our ancestors acquired the habit that is also known as cannibalism, but due to the dark and intriguing subject, popular culture has adapted it into the horror genre through films, books, comics and video games such as this Cannibal Cuisine, a work that beyond the moral dilemma presented by the act of making picadillo with its natural and human factors, makes its biggest commitment to recipes and humor in kitchens.

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All in all, Cannibal Cuisine is a huge amount of fun, especially if you’re already a big fan of similar games.

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Cannibal Cuisine is a game I had my doubts about. Within a few levels, I was enjoying my time playing as long as players can swallow the idea of cannibalism for their next game night.

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With a concept that's insensitive at best, Cannibal Cuisine has a rough first impression to overcome. The mechanics that are under it are fine, but the controls can feel too slippery for their own good. Add that with an average combat system and you've got a game that never shines beyond its sensationalistic pitch. If your mates crave some co-op chaos, there are far worse games to play. However, there are also far better games out there.

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