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Daedalic Entertainment, Gojira
Jun 10, 2014 - PC

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Munin - Official Trailer - English

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Critic Reviews for Munin

Britton Peele is a fan of both ancient mythology and puzzle games, but Munin wasn't the chocolate and peanut butter combo he was hoping for. He solved all of Munin's puzzles before writing this review.

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Overall, Munin falls into a middle of the road game for me. While the artwork, music and story were strong, the actual gameplay fluctuated between too easy and way too hard far too frequently, and the controls were unreliable enough to add to the difficulty. If you're good at spatial recognition and are interested in a cheap (it's currently on sale on Steam) puzzler that you will spend a fair bit of time on and is nice to look at, pick it up. If you're not (like me) and you're looking for something a little easier, look elsewhere.

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Munin is a successful addition to the genre and, few issues aside, a largely entertaining experience. All a game like this has to succeed in is being innovative and challenging, which Munin has by the bucket, but buyer beware: this is not your typical fun-time brain teaser.

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Munin delivers striking, if a bit crude, visuals and a pleasant soundtrack but is ultimately dragged down to the dragon's roots by technical hitches and design oversights outnumbered only by our titular protagonist's lost feathers.

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It won't light the gaming world on fire, but it's still a good way to spend a few hours when looking for something relaxing to play.

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[M]y personal feelings and challenges with this game aside, it really offers a unique style and a lot of content. If you are a puzzle game junkie this will offer a lot for you so check it out and get lost in the soothing magical world, everybody else, proceed with caution.

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Munin may be savagely difficult, but punishment gluttons will be raven about this carefully-constructed puzzle platformer for some time. Sadly, it's also savagely difficult to recommend spending £6.99 on a game that will cost less than £2 on mobile devices very soon.

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As a whole, Munin is fun. The gimmick of world manipulation is done well, and each level uses the mechanic to its full potential with some clever puzzles. The game length is nice, since it gives players plenty of levels to solve, and the different themes ensure that it's never long before a new mechanic is introduced to test the players. The presentation could be a little better, especially since it squanders the interesting setup it has, and like most games of this ilk, some of the puzzles can be maddeningly difficult, potentially scaring away casual puzzle fans. If you don't mind a high level of challenge, Munin is an enjoyable game.

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