Sentinels of Freedom

Underbite Games
Apr 16, 2020 - PC

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SentinelsOfFreedom Trailer2020 release

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Critic Reviews for Sentinels of Freedom

Sentinels of Freedom is a robust turn-based superhero strategy game. While not doing anything groundbreaking and lacking in some areas, Sentinels of Freedom is still a fun romp into the world of comics and being able to create your own hero is even cooler. Just make sure you stick to playing this on a big TV!

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I unfortunately can’t recommend Sentinels of Freedom as an introduction to that world. If you’ve got the money and a group of friends, maybe try to original card game, Sentinels of the Multiverse. Or if you are more into digital games (and you’re here aren’t you?) you would do well to try out the excellent video game version from Handelabra Games. There’s also the official podcast, which is a gas. But I’ll be honest with you, I’m really hoping you come back and play Sentinels of Freedom. Because despite the unappealing looks, this is a really fun way to explore the Sentinels universe and I hope you’ll come back and play this. There’s an ineffable alchemy at the heart of Sentinels of Freedom, one that goes beyond scores and polygon counts. If you invest the time, maybe you’ll learn to love this troubled little game as I have.

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Boasts an expansive character creation tool and some thoughtful turn-based rules and systems, but those positive features are negated by outdated visuals, plodding gameplay, and a series of repetitive, tiresome, drawn-out missions.

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Sentinels of Freedom is a turn-based strategy RPG where creating your own hero is enjoyable. However, the fun mechanics only last so long since this is just one chapter of the story.

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Sentinels Of Freedom helps scratch that itch for a new superhero game, especially one that can run on the Nintendo Switch system. If you were hoping that this one would be the perfect "on-the-go superhero" tactics game then you might need to look elsewhere or invest in a set of magnifying eyeglasses. While the artwork is a bit cartoony the story pays homage to early comics and classic tabletop superhero games. Since this is only Chapter One in a series we'd consider this debut release a strong stepping stone to greater things in follow-up chapters!

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