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Life Goes On

Infinite Monkeys
Apr 17, 2014 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Life Goes On

An inventive puzzle game that's too short and easy to recommend—worthwhile only for the novelty of its concept

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Life Goes On is a great, morbid puzzler that reminds you that there is no victory without sacrifice.

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Life Goes On might not start with the most mindblowing hook, but the idea is solid and Infinite Monkeys develops it well. By constantly adding new tricks into its repertoire and not dragging itself out unnecessarily, it maintains a good quality throughout. Puzzle difficulty ranges from easy to medium-hard; it rarely gets diabolically difficult, and when it does it is only when completing optional objectives. Although it is not particularly nice to look at, the underlying gameplay is worthwhile for any puzzle platformer enthusiast.

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Life Goes On is an ingenious puzzle game that puts a whole new spin on dying in video games.  Sadly its' biggest downfall is the fact that the game is on the short and easy side, but if you're trying to get every achievement and medal in the game, you can squeeze out a few more hours from this one.  If you don't mind all of that, I definitely recommend picking this one up.

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An inventive and outlandish puzzler that executes with bloodthirstily aplomb.

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It's not every day you play a video game that changes how you look at the format itself. Infinite Monkeys, with its never-ending team of sacrificial knights, not only pulls it off but does so with style in Life Goes On.

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Cutesy and colourful, Life Goes On takes a core concept from most games, flips it, and embeds it in an environment with reciprocating elements. The result is an engaging puzzle platformer that delights more than it frustrates. The ending credits sequence is also one of the most charming things I've seen this year.

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Life Goes On could use a last pass in a aspects of its controls, but the puzzle design is what makes the game work so well. Spiked conveyor belts carry bodies to pressure switches, but only if you can figure out how to turn off the flamethrowers to avoid incineration.

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