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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchJul 23, 2020

Developer: Bugbomb Games

Publisher: Bugbomb Games

Genres: Fighting, Arcade

Gerrrms is a party brawl game that puts you in the role of a microorganism fighting against its single-celled opponents. Take part in the eternal battle of the microbes! Become one of the sneaky bacteria and tech your friends their place in line. This is the best micro brawl game out there. Play as one of 11 unlockable characters with different personalities. There are as many as seven game modes! Deathmatch - this is the classic germ vs germ warfare. Flag - grab that flag and hold it tight. The longer you hold it, the closer you are to victory. Bomb - ever tried to hold a hot potato? When the timer goes down, the bomb will explode. Synapse Snatch - everyone has their own-colored corner. The task is to grab the ball and carry it with you to your corner. Gobble - oh, look, the delicious germ food is appearing in random locations! Make sure you devour as much as you can. Antibody - Avoid Barney's angry attacks as long as you can. Take Over - pay attention to shiny spots popping up on the field’s walls. If you bump into them, they will turn into your very own spikes! Every game mode features a power-up that can give you an edge against your opponents. Wait for the power-up timer to fill up and… fire! No friends coming over? No worries! The single player mode will keep you hooked for hours!

Gerrrms Reviews

I really didn’t warm to the music of this game. Happy over the top beats that felt like they belonged in some cheesy cartoon. It just didn’t really fit the experience. So that got turned down and the podcasts got turned on. The sound effects of the gerrrms were fine though. There’s also an impressive use of the joy con vibrations as your bouncing around the levels. I certainly had some issues with Gerrrms but much like a weird gaming virus I couldn’t help but come back for another round. Despite my difficulty with the controls I was drawn in and had a lot of fun playing with bots. If I was having a sick day I certainly wouldn’t mind firing this up although I’d rather not catch any of the weird gerrrms featured in this game.

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