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Weak Man

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Jul 30, 2020

I really didn’t warm to the music of this game. Happy over the top beats that felt like they belonged in some cheesy cartoon. It just didn’t really fit the experience. So that got turned down and the podcasts got turned on. The sound effects of the gerrrms were fine though. There’s also an impressive use of the joy con vibrations as your bouncing around the levels. I certainly had some issues with Gerrrms but much like a weird gaming virus I couldn’t help but come back for another round. Despite my difficulty with the controls I was drawn in and had a lot of fun playing with bots. If I was having a sick day I certainly wouldn’t mind firing this up although I’d rather not catch any of the weird gerrrms featured in this game.

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Aug 12, 2020

It's not the most fleshed out multiplayer indie but Gerrrms still provides some good times through its intuitive and enjoyable setup.

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5 / 10
Sep 7, 2020

As mentioned in the beginning, Gerrrms is a budget released party game that fits its price tag making it ideal for a title that can be picked up, played a while and then probably only ever brought out at family occasions.

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6.5 / 10.0
Aug 19, 2020

Germs is a enjoyable with a few players in short bursts. The user interface is well-designed and there are plenty of options, plus its just plain fun being a cute germ battling in a body for supremacy. On the downside, there's just not enough to entertain you for long periods, and the lack of a dedicated single-player experience is unfortunate.

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63 / 100
Aug 13, 2020

Overall, this is not a game where you will be spending a lot of time with.

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