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Hello! My name is Kenny, and I've been writing for Hey Poor Player since 2016. I love video games of all kinds but have always been particularly fond of JRPGs, platformers, and roguelikes. Outside of playing and writing about video games, I'm currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Sociology. I'm not sure how interesting that actually is, but, hey, it's something!
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Prinny 1•2: Exploded and Reloaded is not my cup of tea, which is sad given how much I wanted to enjoy it. I always appreciate a challenging platformer when said challenge is approached in a fair manner. Still, there’s no getting past the fact that both of these penguin-packed platformers thrive on doing little more than punishing the player without giving them much notice. I know that there’s a fanbase for these kinds of games, and if you’re among them, then this is right up your alley. However, for those who don’t want to become a punching bag for the game that you’re playing, you should look elsewhere.

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4 / 5.0 - Ys Origin
Sep 29, 2020

I’ve said it already, and I’ll say it again; Ys Origin is an incredibly refreshing game. Featuring characters with incredibly diverse playstyles, simple-yet-challenging combat, and an unmistakably large amount of that tried-and-true Nihon Falcom polish, Ys Origin is not only a celebration of Ys, but of action RPGs as well.

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Sep 27, 2020

Disgaea 4‘s time as top dog has come and gone, but Disgaea 4 Complete+ ensures that this wonderfully wacky tactical RPG will be anything but forgotten. Between the polished combat, loads of extras packed into the game, and the amazingly well-written story and characters, it’s hard not to fall in love with a game like this.

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4 / 5.0 - Star Renegades
Sep 20, 2020

Star Renegades stands out as a shining example of what a rogue-like RPG should be. It’s unbending in its insistence that the player not only come to understand the intricacies of its rules, but master them, yet provides enough resources to make sure that players who really want to reach the end eventually do.

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3.5 / 5.0 - Adventures of Pip
Sep 12, 2020

It isn’t difficult to see why Adventures of Pip is still making the rounds on various consoles, despite its age. It’s a fun platformer with a unique gimmick that not only adds to the game but celebrates some of the many forms in which video games have come. It’s not the very first game that I would recommend to Switch-owners. However, it’s still one that I would suggest to those looking for new platforming worlds to explore.

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3.5 / 5.0 - Witcheye
Sep 8, 2020

Simply put, Witcheye is a very cleverly created game about role-reversal, and what could potentially happen after seeing the credit roll and the quintessential “The End” at the conclusion of a game. Although I do think that more could have been done to enhance certain aspects of the game—namely in terms of level build—this bite-sized story of witchy revenge is still worth spending the few bucks that it asks for in exchange for an enjoyable afternoon of gaming.

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Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Myth Infinite Combate has a lot of problems, but it’s nowhere near being the worst game that I’ve ever played. If you’re looking for a content-rich dungeon-crawler, then you’ll probably want to pass on this one. There are better dungeon-crawlers out there. However, if you consider yourself to be a fan of the series and really want to experience it in a new and unique way, then picking this up still might be worth your time.

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Aug 31, 2020

I know that I’m probably shouting into the void, here, but I’m going to say this anyway; please learn from your mistakes in this game, Compile Heart. Death end re;Quest 2 shows that you’re truly capable of making a great horror game, but also that you aren’t there just yet. There were plenty of problems, but there were plenty of things to love about this title, too. I’ve seen the EX Ending (yes, I liked this game that much), and I know that you guys are teasing the possibility of a Death end re;Quest 3. I want that to happen, I want to love it, and I want to give it a stellar review. All I ask is that you took note of what worked and what didn’t, and continue to grow this series to be as great as it can potentially be. I know you can do it!

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Aug 25, 2020

Kandagawa Jet Girls might seem like it’s just a fanservice game. But that’s only part of it. Whether you love or hate games with an overflow of questionable outfits and provocative poses (not sure why you’d be playing it if you hated it, though), it shouldn’t be the only thing that you focus on with this game. Like with its sister series, Senran Kagura, there’s a legitimate game in here with some really fun and addictive gameplay. If you’re a diehard Marvelous and/or Takaki fan, you’re probably going to get the game regardless of what I say (which you should). But I also encourage people might be a little gunshy around this kind of thing to dive in as well. After all, life isn’t any fun if you don’t let loose from time to time.

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Aug 21, 2020

The way I see it, Nexomon is kind of like the fast-food version of monster-collecting games. It’s cheap, easily accessible, and is certainly worthy of being enjoyed by some. However, when you compare it to its more original and carefully crafted counterparts, it’s easy to see just how ersatz its formula actually is.

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