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Available on:PCOct 18, 2021

Developer: Deepnight Games

Publisher: Deepnight Games

Genres: Action, Platformer

The world is burning. Well, not exactly, but the whole region is. As a trained firefighter, you're being air-dropped right in the middle of this hell blaze to investigate and look for survivors. But the unexpected presence of an unknown military facility might somewhat affect your plans. A unique 2D firefighting game with all the devastating backdrafts, exploding walls and sprinklers you could expect. Smooth "signature" controls and gameplay from the guy who was in charge on Dead Cells. An action/adventure game crafted with love and attention to details. Use your fire hose carefully to keep the blaze under control and progress through the facility. Dedicated "Kid mode" designed for very young kids (~3 years old and more), with specific level design, rules and gameplay... while still featuring firefighters, helicopters and trucks! Not a roguelite/like/vania this time! Unravel the true story of Site 16 and A-█████. Access to these informations may require authorization clearance ████ and ██. Following the path of Celeste, Nuclear Blaze also offers some fine-tuning of difficulty by allowing players to adjust some rules to their needs. There's no Easy or Hard mode, but you can consider the default settings as being quite difficult. Making your gamer life easier is fine, it's about having fun, so feel free to adjust your in-game settings. Nuclear Blaze first started as a game jam entry for Ludum Dare. It was created in 48h and received lots of positive feedback and support from everyone :) My first intention was to create a game my 3yrs old boy could play, as he is a big fan of firefighters. Obviously, the game became more and more complex and quickly turned out to be too difficult for him: I then decided to add a specific "Kid mode". The Kid Mode is a special mode in the game, designed with young players in mind, featuring specific rules: Specific levels meant to be easy to explore, You can't die, Water is infinite, Water is auto-aimed, Controls are simplified. Helicopters and trucks everywhere, because kids love them.

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Was everything perfect? Not at all. The biggest frustration came from the gamepad controls. I started playing with my preferred d-pad input but found that aiming the water hose was nearly impossible until I swapped to the control stick. The adventure also ends just as things were really getting heated up. Nuclear Blaze understands the value of not wearing out a welcome. Just when I had decided that I was smitten with the game, I reached its narrative conclusion. If the idea was to leave me wanting more, then the mission was successful. Because this is still a small indie project based on a game jam submission, potential buyers should understand that Nuclear Blaze does not burn for long, but it does, in fact, burn twice as bright.

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Go into Nuclear Blaze knowing what to expect and there's a lot of simple firefighting fun to be had. Oh, and there are cute kittens to save, too.

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Nuclear Blaze could have been one of the best firefighting games ever made. It has the mechanics, level design, and presentation down pat. But, it squanders its potential with a super short runtime and massive amounts of artificial difficulty.

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Arman ZarMehr
8 / 10.0

Nuclear Blaze is a short but enjoyable title.

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