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Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust

Luminous Productions, Square Enix
May 26, 2023 - PlayStation 5, PC

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85 / 100
Push Square
6 / 10
8 / 10
Niche Gamer
5 / 10
PSX Brasil
70 / 100
Saudi Gamer
7 / 10
4 / 5
8 / 10
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Forspoken - In Tanta We Trust Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Critic Reviews for Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust

Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust presents a cool spin on an already amazing combat system. This DLC is small in scope, but as a result is well worth the time investment. The story is nothing new, but with much sharper writing it holds a lot of promise for the teased sequel.

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In Tanta We Trust is a DLC better than the game it's based on, but that's more because it strips the Forspoken experience of its open world busywork than anything else. An expansion that focuses more on combat, the single open area is a condensed version of what the base title offers, turning it into a more tightly packed undertaking that gets you in amongst the action much faster. It's more Forspoken, but a better version of it.

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Forspoken's In Tanta We Trust feels like an earnest attempt at addressing criticisms the game got when it was first released. Its writing is much improved, the smaller scope helps make the DLC feels like a more focused experience, and the game's combat is improved quite a bit with the addition of new spells and abilities. The only real downside is that you'd have to play through the story of Forspoken for the DLC to make much sense.

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Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust is a hallow addition to an already average product. It was made cheaply since anything impressive in the game is due to the powerful game engine. Nobody will be offended by it, but it also leaves no impression at all.

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Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust is essentially more Forspoken, for better or for worse. Its reduced scope helps in several ways, but the story feels too rushed to fit within the DLC's short length. Still, if you enjoyed the base game, the changes made here will keep the game fun and challenging for you.

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Saudi Gamer

Unknown Author
7 / 10
Saudi Gamer

A good addition that tweaks the basic formula slightly to justify the price of admission. As good as any way to send Forspoken off.

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Thanks to its impressive cinematic direction, In Tanta We Trust boasts a no-holds-barred, action-packed narrative that gives more of what people love in Forspoken. For its short runtime, it never lets up and offers a blockbuster-worthy adventure of Frey’s story, a huge climax, boss fight, and all. While the future of the series may be uncertain, In Tanta We Trust gives this daring new IP a deserved sendoff.

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In Tanta We Trust is a short, sweet DLC that has a good flow and energy. It paints a picture an intriguing, compelling picture of the wider world, and sets the scene for a future, despite the fact it remains uncertain. Content size, occasionally clunky dialogue and no major changes in content from the base game may be offputting for some, but what is here makes for a solid, well-rounded addition to Forspoken, whether it serves as a continuation for a player or an entry point.

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