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Student of Economics and Political Science, I live in Venezuela as a way of facing death everyday, at least until I can, hopefully, become its president. Meanwhile, I do awful reviews and articles in Areajugones, trying to do my best to be part of the evolution of the young interactive art.
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4 / 10.0 - Pilot Sports
Oct 29, 2018

Pilot Sports is not a good game. It lacks fun, good and comfortable mechanics, content, variety, polish… Basically, we can only recommend it for its split-screen multiplayer but, even with that, what we actually suggest is to look for another option, because there are better titles in the genre.

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Sep 24, 2018

Scribblenauts Mega Pack is a great game and, above all, a dense conjunction of two excellent games. Even if we cannot recommend it to every gamer because of its inherent singularity, we do recommend it for those who like adventures that feel fresh and innovative.

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Sep 21, 2018

Even though is a good game, it's difficult to recommend Grimmwood. Not because it doesn't deserve it, because it does, but because, being a social experience, it needs a community to sustent its proposal, and not having one kills the escence of the title.

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7.8 / 10.0 - Transference
Sep 20, 2018

Transference is a particular piece but, besides its lack of content and its abrupt final, it also is an interesting experience. With a compelling story, great sense of atmosphere and astonishing graphics, we recommend it to everyone who likes titles that go beyond being just a videogame.

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8.7 / 10.0 - Shadows: Awakening
Aug 31, 2018

It might lack the decision making aspect of the RPG genre but, beyond that, Shadows: Awakening is an amazing game. The great mechanic of having multiple protagonists in one avatar makes every combat tactical in a distinguishbly way, which is tied to an adictive playable structure , an interesting history and a dense amount of content to create a epic adventure

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5.5 / 10.0 - Tyler: Model 005
Aug 28, 2018

Even though we can't deny that this game has a lovely history and characters, besides a good sense of exploration, the fact is that Tyler: Model 005 is not a title that we can recommend. Has insipid combats, stressful platforms, bugs and, in general, presents a proposal that simply doesn't work as a whole.

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7.5 / 10.0 - Slime Rancher
Aug 25, 2018

Slime Rancher is its own enemy: everything good it offers has a counterpart of equal magnitude. However, at the end, the experience is enjoyable and, despites its notorious flaws, turns out to be a pretty fun mix of FPS, adventure and farming simulator.

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8.5 / 10.0 - The King’s Bird
Aug 23, 2018

The King's Bird blends a beautiful design with superb and fluid mechanics to get a platformer that is just wonderful. A mix of parkour and aerial momentums that will show an amazing exhibition of movement and colors.

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8.5 / 10.0 - Flat Heroes
Aug 16, 2018

The minimalism of Flat Heroes is its biggest pillar, from which grows an amazing game that arises as one of the most interesting platformers of the year

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Defenders of Ekron is an amazing shoot 'em up. It mixes old-school forms with contemporary style to achieve a great title that, even though it doesn't have too much content, it's still a recommendable experience.

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