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Dec 11, 2019

Obsidian Entertainment is making a flight of fancy with the role-playing game The Outer Worlds, which Bethesda was denied last year. Despite the strongly linear structures and the half-open, lifeless areas, The Outer Worlds indisputably follows in the big AAA footsteps of the Fallout franchise without embarrassing itself. Thanks to the great variance of decision possibilities and the deeply rooted moral system, the American studio also enhances the marginal complexity behind the role-playing construct, which above all benefits the narrative with its humorous touch and entertaining social criticism. Obsidian Entertainment simply relies on the player as an unforeseen variable to counter repetitive influences. With the versatile solutions and the opaque moral component, the Fallout New Vegas developer finally gives Bethesda instructions on how to pull up the controls of a crashing plane.

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8 / 10 - Borderlands 3
Sep 21, 2019

Borderlands 3 is able to skillfully enhance the unique selling points of its predecessors without losing its characteristic focus on cooperative gameplay and its motivations. Numerous minimal modifications within the varied maps, the pronounced individualization options within the skill trees as well as the original boss fights make it possible for Gearbox's successful series to secure the place on the genre throne as a matter of course. Despite the rather uniform main missions, the generic antagonist and its technical deficits, the co-op shooter overcomes the motivational hurdle, not least because of its improved loot offering and the mature endgame concept. With Borderland's 3 humorous charms including his loving cell sading graphic style, we are no less faced with a timeless co-op adventure that might turn our leisure activities upside down for the time being.

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Aug 2, 2019

Wolfenstein: Youngblood manages, at least against the competition, to create a coherent, cooperative game structure, which, however, is stumbling especially on the motivational level. The initial narrative profundity paired with the excessive, hyperbolic spikes neither manage to successfully level the following story neglect nor the missing sympathy of a Wolfenstein. The usual level of difficulty and the resulting tactical scale can at least temporarily comfort the viewer about the repetitive structures and banalities within the quest structure. Meanwhile, both the solid technical framework and the visual dedication, along with Bethesda's attractive Buddy Pass offer, manage to give Youngblood at least some of the raison d'être it desperately needs. What remains is an entertaining journey into the abstruse realms of the parodistic 80s, which thanks to a high degree of uniformity and an inconsistent narrative ultimately gambles away immense potential.

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6 / 10 - Rage 2
May 19, 2019

On paper, the alliance between cult developer id-Software and the still quite young open-world enthusiast Avalanche Studios should actually work out brilliantly, the digital reality unfortunately now shows us a different picture. While id-Software masters its paradediscipline in the shooter segment not surprisingly with the unerring mixture of known retro charm and modern action fireworks, the open game world with its lack of motivation and fatal unkindness limps ahead. The repetitive quests paired with the monotonous, imposed jaunts and the flat, emotionless story, skilfully help RAGE 2 to gamble away tons of potential. If you are looking for entertaining entertainment with outstanding gunplay and can accept various weaknesses and an abundance of repetitions, you should take a closer look at RAGE 2.

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7 / 10.0 - Fallout 76
Nov 24, 2018

At Fallout 76 you can't expect the perfect adventure holiday with all-inclusive service shortly after your arrival. On the other hand, the title weakens with a technically weak framework, which, in addition to performance losses, also comes up with bugs, glitches and a rather old-fashioned graphics performance. While the new skill card system, the camp mechanics and also the cooperative components are very motivating, the technical as well as the graphic framework is clearly behind its expectations. The world itself boasts an immense size, convinces with the ingenious bounty system, but at the same time doesn't manage to make the game world lively enough and catapult the stubborn story into an exciting environment. Fallout 76 offers veterans of the role-playing epic a solid multiplayer experience, but unfortunately leaves beginners mercilessly on the sidelines. Solo players, on the other hand, get their money's worth, even though they can't exploit most of the potential and fun of the game.

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Jul 8, 2018

The biggest problem with 'Harvest Moon Light of Hope' is ultimately the existence of competitor Stardew Valley and the associated evidence of how it simply gets better. Quests and tasks in 'Light of Hope' are extremely repetitive and only slightly loosen up the already monotonous daily life of the farmers. The extremely obscure balancing of the sources of income on the farm and the profitable secondary occupations is more than questionable and motivational. Exclusive features for the Nintendo Switch as well as the PlayStation 4, a dissipated (background) story as well as animating card expansions during the course of the game show the first ambitions of developer Natsume to bring the framing series back to its successful roots. In combination with the inorganic and lifeless game world and the futile prioritization of the main quests, 'Light of Hope' looks like an ambitious but never-ending attempt to pull the Harvest Moon series out of the swamp of trifles. At no point does the farming simulation dare a fight with King Stardew Valley's genre - the chances against the heavyweight genre would also be truly hopeless. The competitor 'Harvest Moon Light of Hope', which is over 30€ more expensive, loses not only in terms of price-performance ratio. Those who wish for an idyllic life on a farm - without cutbacks, technical mistakes and in a loving pixel look - should continue to pick up the indie hit Stardew Valley.

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