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Steve Bowling is a reviewer for Nintendo Life and Talk Amongst Yourselves. At Nintendo Life, Steve reviews the latest the eShop has to offer. At TAY, Steve writes news, opinion pieces and reviews AAA offerings across all platforms.
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8 / 10 - The Bridge
Aug 19, 2015

The Bridge is a delightful mass of contradictions. It's simple yet complex, and new yet old. Solid mechanics and puzzles that are tweaked to a level of difficulty that is just right — along with an excellent accompanying soundtrack — fill this monotone world with colour. Its focus on gameplay over story suits it well, and though it may be a bit on the short side, it's thoroughly enjoyable.

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Sep 22, 2015

Extreme Exorcism is an excellent example of why Nintendo's recent moves to embrace the indie scene are so great. Its quick, fun gunplay partnered with a fitting, if not groundbreaking soundtrack make for a game that's perfect to sit down and enjoy with three friends. It's a must-have title for Wii U indie supporters and fans of split-screen multiplayer.

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Oct 31, 2015

Human Resource Machine is one of the most difficult puzzle games we've played in quite some time. It's not difficult for difficulty's sake though, it's difficult because it's different. It requires you to think less like a gamer and more like a developer. One of Human Resource Machine's only major fault is that there are far too few puzzles; its 38 puzzles go very quickly once you have the hang of how to program, leaving a game that could be completed in under an hour depending on your skill level. For those with no programming background, these same puzzles could take hours of your time. It's an excellent game, it'd just be better if there was more of it; that's not a bad problem to have.By their nature, the puzzles in this game are going to limit its potential audience, and the explanations the game provides don't do the best job of conveying how to order commands and do little to advise on how to optimize your code to achieve secondary objectives. That's appealing for some, but is worth acknowledging as a potential drawback for others.Human Resource Machine is a good game, bordering on great. It's just missing a few little tweaks.

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Dec 8, 2015

The Wii U has been an excellent platform for download-only 'Indie' titles, but few have been able to stand toe-to-toe with Nintendo's first-party offerings. FAST Racing NEO is one of those few. Its gorgeous graphics, incredible sense of speed and steep challenge make for a unique racing game on the system. If you love racing games - and maybe even if you don't but are willing to try - be sure to pick this up. We don't think you'll be disappointed.

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Jan 15, 2016

The Perplexing Orb is an interesting concept, but it doesn't feel like a finished product. While what's there can bring brief moments of enjoyment, a typical playthrough should only last an hour at best, and there is no real incentive to return after that point. A short story mode, borderline useless multiplayer and a challenge mode that's far too easy make this one hard to recommend. If you truly miss this type of game it may be for you, but the vast majority of players will be better served saving their hard-earned cash.

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3 / 10 - Joe's Diner
Mar 9, 2016

Joe's Diner is a bad game with a good premise. What could have been a spooky supernatural thriller is instead a time management game trying to be something more. Bland graphics mixed with poor performance and failed attempts to induce fear make Joe's Diner a game that isn't worth playing. Save your hard-earned cash for a truly spooky Wii U game folks, because this one isn't it.

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Apr 22, 2016

Few games are heralded as true classics. Even fewer earn the distinction of defining a genre, or better yet, a generation. Sega 3D Classics Collection has a handful of these games gathered on a single cart. The emulators' robust feature set and extremely well implemented 3D make these games feel like much more than re-releases of old games.If you're a lifelong Nintendo fan, you owe it to yourself to see what those on the other side of the console wars enjoyed. You're in for a treat.

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5 / 10 - Blockara
May 10, 2016

Blockara is a fun concept, but it's dragged down by its presentation. Unlikable characters, poor voice acting and music and art that don't do it any favours are all negative points, but aren't enough to completely obfuscate the fun that can be had here. Blockara won't be fondly remembered, but if you have a friend that's good at puzzle games and you can put up with the rest of it, there's some enjoyment to be found.

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4 / 10 - The Deer God
May 18, 2016

The Deer God is beautiful. Sadly, that beauty is only skin deep. Poor design choices take away from fantastic visuals that really have to be seen. With the right level of polish, this could have been one of our favourite indie games on Wii U.Instead, clumsy quest design, repetitive environments and poor performance ensure The Deer God will be remembered as little more than eye candy.

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8 / 10 - Dual Core
Jun 21, 2016

Dual Core is proof positive that a game should not be judged by its price tag. A satisfyingly long story mode, which takes about five or six hours to complete, coupled with an incredibly addictive arcade mode and a fun - if a bit underwhelming - versus mode make this one a must-have for Wii U owners.If you're a fan of twin-stick shooters you should absolutely give Dual Core a look.

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