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Art in Heart, Raw Fury
Oct 22, 2020 - Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox Series X/S

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Critic Reviews for GONNER2

Gonner 2's main aim is to make your life a living hell. If you think you're 'ard enough, Gonner 2 is here to prove you really aren't, and if that's your type of thing then you can go right ahead. The procedurally generated levels can seem unfair and overly random in places, often leading to the end of a run, but its controls, music and artstyle have to be commended for creating such a gritty and dark atmosphere. Fitting for a game that'll make you want to die.

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All in all, GONNER2 stays true to the roguelite genre by giving players a run for their money. By playing the same level in a different layout repeatedly, players will need to focus on either taking their time and picking off enemies one by one, or blasting through the level with their trusty rifle and friends, hoping they come out alive to fight another day. The platformer’s way of revealing portions of a level at a time keeps players on their toes and refuses to be predictable. With bright colors and ever-changing challenges, players will be able to test their adaptive skills by themselves or with others, and GONNER2 is an excellent roguelite for fans of these kinds of games.

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It takes time to figure out just what you're doing, but anyone looking for a strong challenge will find a lot to love with GoNNER2. It builds upon the original game's premise well and by offering co-operative campaign play, adds significant replayability with friends. It's not a flawless game by any means, and players who prefer a more guided experience would do better to look elsewhere but, those caveats aside, GoNNER2 still makes for a compelling experience that comes recommended, if you're up for the challenge.

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The more die-hard fans of the first game may be able to get past the more frustrating elements of GONNER2, but others may be turned off by how cheap it can get at times. Still, the core gameplay is simple yet enjoyable, and like before, GONNER2 looks and sounds stunning. But the end result is like when you watch an older cartoon at a higher FPS: it's faster, still pretty, and the content at the core is still the same, yet there's still this awkward quality to it that's just hard to ignore.

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GONNER2 has tight platformer shooter gameplay that can sometimes become difficult to parse through the game's unique aesthetic style.

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"Press Jump to Die" perfectly describes the difficulty posed in Gonner2. It's a brutal unapologetic platformer roguelike that shows its style at all angles. In the character design, unnerving minimalist soundtrack, and world building there's something special here. The game does a lot with a little and in the end it's tricky to decipher what. That's just up to you to "press jump."

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Gonner2 is definitely a fitting sequel but it doesn't quite feel like a substantial step up from the original and its action is far too chaotic.

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GONNER2 is a fast-paced run and gun adventure. It is exciting to defeat enemies in combos while escaping danger, especially when death is often on the prowl. The exotic setting stands out and it is a delight to explore its colorful world, even if it is common to get lost in the visual confusion. The difficulty is severe and you will die a lot until you reach the end of the adventure. Unfortunately, the content of the game is limited, roguelike aspects, such as different equipment and procedural generation, alleviate this feeling, even if it is not always enough. In the end, GONNER2 is an intense and brief experience.

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