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Jetboard Joust

BitBull Ltd, Freedom! Games
Oct 23, 2020 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Jetboard Joust

Directly inspired by a game buried deep within the arcade era, it morphs the brutal difficulty of ye olden days into the modern roguelikes that have dominated the popular markets. How well it succeeds may boil down to one's determination.

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Even the optional treasure rooms that are unlocked by engaging in a final duel at the end of every stage fail to provide enough risk for their reward-I went for them on each level and never failed (Did that make me too powerful?). Although I'm filled with questions about the validity of Jetboard Joust's roguelite status, it plays well enough and can likely provide solid entertainment in short bursts. Fans of classic arcade games may dig this new twist on the high-scoring chasing arcade shooter, but after one full run through, I've had "joust" about enough Jetboarding to last a lifetime.

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Although it has another Williams arcade game in its title, Jetboard Joust brings the spirit of Defender back in a brilliant roguelike setup.

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Level Down Games

Unknown Author
6 / 10.0
Level Down Games

While this game took me back to a time I really enjoyed as a child, the frustration of blindly trying to find out what to do was aggravating. My patience was tested very early on because I felt so lost in what I was doing. Sometimes I was starting over from scratch, other times I had found a level that had a portal that was used as almost a saving point on that planet. Do I save my coins for when I die, or do I save up and spend them on upgrades to make me stronger. I struggled with that decision way too much and it took me away from really enjoying the game. If a game doesn’t start clicking somewhat right away and instead leaves you confused and frustrated, it hasn’t done its job to entertain. It is very unfortunate as this game was right in my wheelhouse of ones I love.

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Jetboard Joust masterfully blends retro aesthetics and the simplicity of arcade games from decades ago with an extra dose of challenge that makes it even more replayable. Being able to play this on the go is just the cherry on top of an already tasty cake.

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As an old-school arcade fan I'll admit I've been a big fan of indie titles that have come to the Switch putting a twist on classic gameplay...

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Jetboard Joust is a very fun, retro-styled arcade shooter that, for some, drifts away from what made Defender such a classic.

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