Iris and the Giant

Louis Rigaud, Goblinz Studio, Maple Whispering Limited, Mugen Creations
Feb 27, 2020 - PC, Nintendo Switch
9 / 10
Killa Penguin
8 / 10
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Iris and the Giant Media

Iris and the Giant - OFFICIAL TRAILER thumbnail

Iris and the Giant - OFFICIAL TRAILER

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Critic Reviews for Iris and the Giant

Three difficulty modes, the hardest of which is unlocked after completing the main dungeon, two secondary dungeons after the first, and dozens of cards, enemies, and more to unlock give the game some real staying power. The watercolor aesthetic and haunting soundtrack contribute beautifully to the endearing story and satisfying gameplay. Some menu issues and the inability to adjust difficulty level within a save file shouldn't hold back another strong contender for a spot in your Switch library, especially those craving that "one more run" loving feeling.

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The gameplay here is deceptively simple, with the goal of the game’s 20 stages being to reach the staircase and/or defeat a boss while enemies who fall in one blow (unless protected by armor) stand in your way, but the way these simple mechanics intersect creates a great deal of depth and potential strategy. Iris and the Giant is the kind of strategy that I appreciate, and there’s little in gaming more rewarding than wiping out an entire screen of difficult opponents as part of a several-turn-long strategy.

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If you’re feeling depressed or anxious, why not join Iris as she journeys through the mind to crush these very feelings?

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