Let's Sing 2021

Voxler, Ravenscourt, Koch Media, Deep Silver
Nov 13, 2020 - Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
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Let's Sing 2021 Release Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Let's Sing 2021

By largely sticking to its own tried-and-tested formula, Let’s Sing 2021 is yet another opportunity to have an enjoyable time belting out some tunes to the best of your ability. Is it worth buying if you have last year’s version? It depends if you think its selection of songs is any good, and if you like singing alone. If the answer’s no on both counts, then don’t bother. Otherwise, it’s probably worth adding to your collection.

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Another great Let's Sing karaoke game.

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I wasn’t able to spend as much time as I’d hoped with Let’s Sing 2021 one because I’m not one of the cool kids who knows a lot of current songs, but I can absolutely see this pleasing plenty of people, especially at family parties. I will be on the lookout for any potential DLC in the future, but it’s otherwise got a strong songlist for those who generally enjoy top 40 hits from the past 40 years. If you want to test out your pipes while racking up points, consider snagging Let’s Sing 2021 for the Switch.

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Let's Sing 2021 works as a party game, if everyone in your party has the same music taste and likes newer pop songs or if you like to set up your friends to fail. However, the lack of diversity in the playlist and the requirement to sing songs that you don't know to play many of the modes make this a less than ideal game for people outside of its target audience. The core idea is solid, but the weakness of the note charts and short song list make this a hard sell for me. I would like to see a themed version of this game with more accessible songs, for instance, something like Let's Sing: The 80s. However, as it is, I can't recommend this game outside of a narrow audience.

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Despite issues with the previous title in the franchise, I had High Hopes that maybe Let’s Sing 2021 would be Good As Hell, but I guess I was just a Sucker. Technical issues with the core singing mechanic cop much of the Blame, but even when the game tries to Lean On its varied play modes it can’t provide a Yummy experience. You’d be much Happier putting on a karaoke playlist and screaming along with your mates (when singing together is safe again, of course). To this disappointing game, I only have one thing to say: Thank U, Next.

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The reason Let’s Sing 2021 works as well as it does is because it feels more like a game than many of the titles it shares DNA with. Whereas most previous karaoke games were of the common “sing a single song and we’ll give you a score” variety, this feels the template on which all future games should be based upon. A more extensive core tracklist would be nice, and I hope future iterations might do a bit more to cater for the quieter singer, but this feels like an excellent pushing-off point for the franchise and the genre as a whole.

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Let's Sing 2021 is a game that fans of music games will really enjoy, especially when in the company of friends. New game modes have been added in this edition making the experience more complete and satisfying. We will have 35 themes at our disposal and the option to expand the list with packs of additional paid themes. As always in this type of game, the list of topics will be the determining factor in our decision, since playably it is up to expectations.

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Let's Sing 2021 is a well put together package that brings a number of modern hits and a great selection of modes to play them in.

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