Crimson Spires

Woodsy Studio
Nov 27, 2020 - PC

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78 / 100
Digitally Downloaded
4 / 5
Digitally Downloaded
4.5 / 5
Sirus Gaming
7 / 10
Hey Poor Player
4 / 5
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Crimson Spires - Otome Story Trailer 2020

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Crimson Spires - Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Crimson Spires

Crimson Spires is a visual novel that has interesting characters and a relatively unexplored setting for the genre. Combining romance, science fiction, horror, mystery, vampires and the supernatural into one tasty soufflé, Crimson Spires isn’t a perfect meal but it’s definitely worth tasting.

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But it's still a captivating story. Crimson Spires has a web of mysteries that's fascinating to unravel, with a complicated cast that brings drama and humanity to every scene. The love interests are sexy, charming, tragic, and intimidating—traits that all come together to make those romantic moments all the more enticing.

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Superb characterisation, a richly woven tapestry of mystery and the smouldering sexiness of it all combine to make Crimson Spires noteworthy. There’s even a reason to buy it on Switch if you owned the PC release, since this version includes a new game plus mode with even more content to bite down on.

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Bottom Line, Crimson Spires is a good game worth spending, at most, 48 hours on if you want to go all completionist on it. The novel parts are good to read, the investigation parts are nice enough but still need a bit of a tweak, and the charms eventually work its way to you. I’d say it’s a nice addition for your game library overall.

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Crimson Spires isn’t quite like any VN that I’ve played before. It’s familiar in form, but, thanks to a heavier Western emphasis regarding its narrative, feels fresh and new in many ways. Whether you like action, suspense, or romance–or just want a new VN–I highly recommend taking a trip to Bataille. It’ll be so good that you won’t want to leave! …Not that you’ll have much of a choice in the matter.

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