Stadia Games, Splash Damage
Dec 1, 2020 - Google Stadia

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80 / 100
Gaming Nexus
8 / 10
The Escapist
7 / 10
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Outcasters | Launch Trailer

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Outcasters | Announce Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Outcasters

Outcasters is an outrageously fun Stadia exclusive with an innovative shot mechanic and wacky graphics. If you can get a party for four together, it's an amazing time, but even playing solo with online randoms is a great treat too.

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Outcasters is fun, fast, and easy to pick up. A shot-curving mechanic pushes the gameplay in interesting directions, allowing for unexpected levels of strategy. Though the number of modes is currently limited, the modes that are included are quite fun - and there is always room for expansion. The character collection aspect of the game is surprisingly deep and addictive.

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Ultimately, Outcasters mostly seems ready to settle into its niche that it’s created. It’s not designed to be the killer app that reels in a mass of new players, but it should attract some. Better yet, since it launched directly into Stadia Pro, it’s there on day one for the folks who are already the most committed. For a platform trying to find its footing in a crowded, competitive space, solidifying the publisher-player relationship is crucial. There will be bigger, flashier, and likely better games to come from Stadia Games and Entertainment in the years ahead, but for now, those already playing via Google’s tangerine-tinted cloud will find they have their first example of a fun, albeit flawed, multiplayer game they won’t find anywhere else.

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