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General Information

Available on:Google StadiaDec 1, 2020

Developer: Splash Damage

Publisher: Stadia Games

Genre: Arcade

Curve your shots and be the last player standing in this adorably frantic, fast-paced eight player combat game that tests your speed and creativity. Outcasters is a chaotic multiplayer combat game for you and up to 8 players. Battle your way across arenas and curve your shots to creatively defeat your opponents. With customisable Outcasters and all sorts of power-ups it’s a chaotically fun multiplayer arena game that gives a hook-shot an all new meaning. Only on Stadia.

Outcasters Critic Reviews

Outcasters is an outrageously fun Stadia exclusive with an innovative shot mechanic and wacky graphics. If you can get a party for four together, it's an amazing time, but even playing solo with online randoms is a great treat too.

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Outcasters is fun, fast, and easy to pick up. A shot-curving mechanic pushes the gameplay in interesting directions, allowing for unexpected levels of strategy. Though the number of modes is currently limited, the modes that are included are quite fun - and there is always room for expansion. The character collection aspect of the game is surprisingly deep and addictive.

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