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Tanuki Sunset

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Dec 4, 2020 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Tanuki Sunset

One final thing worth noting is that the music sometimes cuts out, leaving only the sound effects to fill the awkwardly empty void. This definitely feels like a bug and only occurred a handful of times, but it is still worth mentioning because the phenomenal soundtrack is relaxing, driving, and perfect for the game's aesthetic. When those songs were cut short, it felt like an integral part of the experience was missing. Thankfully, those moments were sparse and when the did happen, it could be quickly resolved. Overall, Tanuki Sunset is a wonderful game, especially for those looking for a simple, stylish game to play at the end of a long day.

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Tanuki Sunset is the kind of game you'll dig if you want a relaxing time that's still somewhat challenging. The lack of upgrades and far checkpoint distances are a pain, but the overall friction between you and your goals is minimal enough that you can finish the experience with a bit of effort and enjoy the scenery while doing so. It still needs some bug fixes for things liked a dropped-out soundtrack, and while it lacks much to keep you coming back, it's the perfect game to hop into between much longer games in your library.

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Tanuki Sunset is a vibrant, arcade-style longboarding game that has you playing as an extreme raccoon with a love of speed. It's a simple game that takes practise to master, but sure to get your heart pounding as you fly down winding roads!

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Tanuki Sunset is fun to play if you take it as seriously as a Raccoon on a Longboard. The visuals and colour palette pop and there’s a nostalgic but limited soundtrack to shred into the sunset. Those looking for a mechanically sound Arcade game won’t find it here however, with a little too much randomness bouncing off rigidly set challenges.

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Tanuki Sunset isn't going to win awards for the best game ever made, but if you like endless runners, this one is a good shout.

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But I also recognize that players can and will enjoy this challenge and get a few hours of enjoyment out of the full game, much as I did. So I say this: if you see the raccoon on the longboard and think “I love where this is going,” then come on the journey. I’ve spent far more and played far less, so let’s groove together. If you’re hesitant, just roll on by. Tanuki’s living his best life, you should too.

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If you want to kick back and relax to a chill retrowave game where the journey is more important than the destination, you simply must pick up Tanuki Sunset. Longboarding has never looked so good, and with so many photo-finish opportunities, I’m pretty positive you’ll agree. So skate fast, eat trash, and enjoy this radical ride on this eye-candy trail of synthwave symphonies.

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Tanuki Sunset is a wonderfully relaxed longboarding experience. Can you avoid the obstacles while racing to the finish? Grind, leap, drift, and spin your way along each course.

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