Drunken Fist: Totally Accurate Beat ‘em up

DEKLAZON, Eastasiasoft

Drunken Fist: Totally Accurate Beat ‘em up MastheadDrunken Fist: Totally Accurate Beat ‘em up Masthead

Drunken Fist: Totally Accurate Beat ‘em up

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General Information

Available on:Xbox Series X/SDec 23, 2020
PlayStation 5Dec 23, 2020
Nintendo SwitchDec 23, 2020
PCAug 25, 2019
Xbox OneDec 23, 2020
PlayStation 4Dec 23, 2020

Developer: DEKLAZON

Publisher: Eastasiasoft

Genres: Fighting, Action

Street fights have never been funnier! Drunken Fist is a physics-based brawler that never takes itself too seriously. Take the role of a drunk guy as he looks for food and collects booze across 7 challenging stages. Along the way, you’ll cross paths with jocks, hipsters, punks and a motley bunch of other enemy types, each with their own unique combat styles. Hilariously simulating the feel of a drunken fight in dynamic 3D physics, the blows fly past, you constantly fall down and behave ridiculously. Will our inebriated hero ever get home? - Enjoy a colorfully minimalist polygon art style. - Laugh at unpredictable antics generated by dynamic 3D physics. - Battle across 7 unique levels with a variety of opponents! - Collect food items and bottles of booze.

Drunken Fist: Totally Accurate Beat ‘em up Critic Reviews

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How best to sum up Drunken Fist? This is a game that you'll have a laugh with for ten minutes before never, ever playing again. Once the physics-based slapstick humour has stopped being funny, Drunken Fist has nothing else going for it. We might still be at the start of 2021, but I reckon I've already played the worst game I'll play all year.

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What promised to be a brawler with make me laugh so hard while I got used to its fun proposal has turned out to be a game of poor quality. The problems we have at the very beginning of the game will drag and aggravate, resulting in an experience as poorly conceived as carried out. On this occasion, the fun idea can't hold it all together.

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My genuine review take of Drunken Fist is it’s funny for sure, but it does get old fast. It gave me quite a few quality laughs and I think its proclamation of being a ‘totally accurate beat’em up while drunk’ is genuinely honest. For a $3 dollar price tag on Steam, I absolutely think that’s exactly what this game is worth, but I wouldn’t pay 7.99 for the base PS4 version.

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Drunken Fist quite obviously does not take itself very seriously, so I am not going to treat it like a regular game. It relies on gimmicks and gags in a similar way as games like Goat Simulator. Once the gimmick wears off – and it will very quickly – there’s not a whole lot here.

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Drunken Fist Trailer (PS4, Xbox One, Switch)

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