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Wind Peaks

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchMar 3, 2021
PCJul 29, 2020

Developer: Actoon Studio

Publisher: Actoon Studio

Genres: Adventure, Puzzle

What Happens in Wind Peaks? Wind Peaks is a searching game, with distinct hand drawn cartoonish visuals, telling the story of a group of scouts that finds a map that guides them to a magical part of the forest.

Wind Peaks Critic Reviews

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There's certainly something to be said for a game that leaves me thinking about it and wanting more. Wind Peaks definitely grew on me. But, reaching the end after playing for just over three hours (and getting all achievements) is a tough pill to swallow for a $14.99 game. I hope the sequel plays it less conservatively.

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Hidden object games rarely feel like an adventure yet Wind Peaks crafts its campaign well with plenty of silly and memorable scenarios.

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I like Wind Peaks its an acceptable hidden object game. It is however limited with its story and interactive elements in the game are mainly the items you are tasked with finding. I’ve played a few games in this genre and this one is fine for what it is. It does feel more like a prologue than a fully-fledged story, it is short on playtime and also has an abrupt ending! I feel it might be a little overpriced on the Nintendo Switch, £9.99 is somewhat high for roughly an hours worth of play. So with that in mind, my score is…

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Unknown Author
9 / 10.0

I didn’t know what to expect when Wind Peaks landed. I’ve previously attempted the hidden object genre without any lasting connection, yet the visual design and world of Wind Peaks… piqued my interest. The storyline only lasts a couple of hours but engages throughout. Wind Peaks is a joyful, wholesome and relaxing experience that aims to stand tall and succeeds.

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Audience Reviews

75 / 100
I am a Japanese video game fan. So I'm not very good at English. I am writing using automatic translation. Wind Peaks is a very gentle game. The basis is a hunting game, but it was characteristic that each had an animation and a story. Finding things is not easy. However, it was helpful because there was a function to get hints. So no user will be able to clear it. The atmosphere

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