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Fights in Tight Spaces

Mode 7 Games, Ground Shatter Ltd.
Dec 2, 2021 - PC, Xbox One

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Fights in Tight Spaces - Early Access Launch Trailer

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Fights In Tight Spaces (Announcement Trailer)

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Critic Reviews for Fights in Tight Spaces

An excellent turn-based strategy that shines in spite of some minor annoyances.

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Fights in Tight Spaces recreates that action movie feeling of stylishly dismantling a room full of goons.

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No Recommendation / Blank

It's a great concept, and it's perfectly enjoyable, but it lacks the excitement and flourishes it needs to really come alive.

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Fights in Tight Spaces combines deck-building with clever tactics in a roguelike format that is as satisfying as it is punishing.

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Fights in Tight Spaces is a really unique and stylish take on the deck building genre with a level of strategy on offer that will be enough to keep people coming back for a long time. Fights in Tight Spaces is worth your attention.

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The best thing I can say about Fights in Tight Spaces is that it's so easy to get lost in a run. You can start this game at 7 or 8 p.m. and it'll be midnight before you even know what's what. It takes a special kind of game for me to lay in bed overnight thinking about what my strategy will be the next day, but this one has done that. It's one of the best indie titles this year and will probably go down as one of my favorite roguelikes ever by the time this secret agent sits down to have his martini.

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Fights in Tight Spaces is a stylish roguelike deck-builder that uses a clever resource system to back up some truly satisfying cardplay. While the amount of content is fairly light in its current Early Access state, what's there is fun, entertaining, and polished. It may not be as deep as some other card games out there, but I have no concerns about recommending Fights in Tight Spaces to fans of the deck-building genre, or simply those who love a good action movie.

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Sometimes a good idea is all you need, and Shatter Ground got a great one. The gamble of combining turn-based strategy with a card game and with the stylish fighting of Superhot ended up working quite well. I personally found Fights in Tight Spaces' roguelite mechanics a little frustrating, but it is a matter of taste and in any case the game offers five different difficulty settings. One last praise goes to the artistic & technical aspects of the game, minimalist yet functional and pleasantly rich in details.

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