Endzone: A World Apart

Gentlymad, Assemble Entertainment, WhisperGames, Gentlymad Studios
Mar 18, 2021 - PC
Fair Man

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Endzone - A World Apart | Full Release Trailer | EN

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Endzone - A World Apart | Early Access Journey Trailer

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Endzone - A World Apart | Gameplay Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Endzone: A World Apart

Endzone: A World Apart shows a much more conventional post-apocalyptic world than Frostpunk, and is also a much more conventional game.

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Endzone is a polished title that has no bugs or any technical issues. It is an interesting game for fans of city builders looking for a new challenge (and a high difficulty level). Unfortunately, after building a complete settlement, the gameplay became pointless because of irritating (and ultimately boring) micro-management.

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Endzone: A World Apart is a carbon copy of Banished, both for better and for worse.

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Interesting post-apocalyptic survival city builder, however without story and after few completed scenarios it is eventless.

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Endzone: A World Apart doesn't offer anything new that hasn't been seen already in terms of management gameplay. If I wanted to describe it quickly, it's an apocalyptic-themed Banished. And this is not bad either. If we overcome some design flaws and a possible lack of variety, we have a title with a remarkable base that can offer us many hours of play.

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I would have liked to have seen multiple options available Endzone: A World Apart. The ability to have friends play and help as a neighboring town or even be an enemy would have added something a bit more and allowed me to share the experience with my fellow gamers. Whether you are a fan of the genre or just get intrigued by simulators, this title has a bit of everything from experimenting with layout setups and gives players the chance to see how well they would do given the same situation.

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Endzone - A World Apart has turned out to be a rich and articulated management game, but one that risks filling a bit in the long run, especially when the community that the player carries on his shoulders will acquire a certain weight. Despite this, the challenge offered by the game turns out to be decidedly satisfying despite its not indifferent punishment, making it a must for all fans who’re looking for a considerable challenge in this genre.

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Endzone: A World Apart shows a ton of promise, especially for those looking for an in-depth city builder and simulation management game. There's a literal TON of ways to manage your settlement, depending on the map and game at hand. The world, a broken ruin of what was before, is ripe for your taking as you work to keep your settlement alive and growing amidst the debris. Endzone is a fun yet complex game. It reminds me of the old Settlers titles, where the game's complexities grow as you get further and further into the layers of what's contained within. But that is also potentially one of its failure points – the sheer volume of stuff to manage and control can be daunting, much like how it probably would be if we were to find ourselves in a similar scenario within real life.

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