Guild of Darksteel

Digerati Distribution, Igor Sandman

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Guild of Darksteel

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General Information

Available on:PCJul 15, 2021
Nintendo SwitchJul 15, 2021

Developer: Igor Sandman

Publisher: Digerati Distribution

Genre: Adventure

Guild of Darksteel is a cinematic, side-scrolling adventure set in a lush, layered dark fantasy world. Embark on a dark fantasy adventure and follow the Sellsword, an immortal, as he seeks a purpose in eternal life by joining the Guild of Darksteel. Become one of their immortal mercenaries and investigate the mysterious tunnels underneath the cities of Ravenrock. Key Features Engrossing Combat: Utilize a refined combat system to defeat anyone who stands in the way of your mission. Unlock combos and level them up to your liking. Chain your attacks together and determine a personal attack strategy that will guarantee your victory. A Living, Breathing World: Explore the fully-realized city of Ravenrock, and interact with its inhabitants. Each character carries a deep story, breathing life into the world of Guild of Darksteel. Friends or foes, their lives won’t leave you unmoved. A Deep and Nuanced Story: Inspired by classics like Flashback and Vagrant Story, Guild of Darksteel tells a gripping story of power struggle and soul searching, as its characters come face to face with their mortality... or lack thereof. Stunning Artistic Vision: The world of Guild of Darksteel is comprised of dark, yet evocatively detailed pixel art, and set against a foreboding and thought provoking soundtrack. A unique and daring color palette sets the perfect tone for your investigation of the darkness that lurks beneath Ravenrock.

Guild of Darksteel Critic Reviews

Guild of Darksteel is a short, simple game that only takes a few hours to get through. There's nothing offensive or necessarily bad about it, but it's hard to recommend all the same.

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The developer clearly is a fan of some classic experiences and knows how to take their spirit and bring it to the present. The challenge is to update the core mechanics interestingly and choose the right concepts for the world he is building. Guild of Darksteel is ultimately a shallow experience that does not offer much more than its demo but I am curious what Sandman can create in the future.

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This is a game that gets a lot of things right—things that bigger teams often struggle with. At the same time, the game’s smaller scope results in a paucity of content/secrets and an overabundance of filler opponents who sabotage the pacing. I enjoyed my time with Guild of Darksteel, but it ultimately feels like a third of an incredible game let down by its limited scope.

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Guild Of Darksteel | Release Date Trailer | Steam, Switch

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Guild Of Darksteel | Announce Trailer | Steam, Switch

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