Carrier Command 2

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Carrier Command 2

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General Information

Available on:PCAug 10, 2021

Developers: MicroProse, Geometa

Publisher: MicroProse

Genres: Action, Simulation, Strategy

Carrier Command 2 is Strategy, Planning and Teamwork on a scale that is both engaging and manageable. True to MicroProse's heritage, Carrier Command 2 is all about meaningful decisions. COMMAND AND CONTROL Take command of a carrier and operate its systems to launch your offensive and conquer the Archipelago. Get in the shoes of an admiral and lead from the front. STRATEGIZE Gather intel from your vehicles’ radars, pick your tools of the trade, and launch your attacks where the enemy presence is thinner. The approach you take to a situation will play a big part in the outcome. PLAN Once you have taken an island you will need to exploit and defend the resources it provides. Ensuring these supply lines remain open will be key to your survival. Think ahead. TEAMWORK Make the most of different unit types synergies and create combined arms assaults to efficiently win battles. On top of that, get into each and every vehicle and take part in the action! AN ILLUSTRIOUS HERITAGE Carrier Command is an ’80s strategy classic well known for its unique blend of strategy and vehicle simulation. The legend is back!

Carrier Command 2 Critic Reviews

This strategy battle game has a lot of potential for co-op, but single player has you spinning a few two many plates (and maps, and vehicles) for it to be really enjoyable.

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The underlying gameplay is still so brilliant that it is painful to see it brought it down by obtuse and ancient systems that make the overall experience frustrating.

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Instead of ushering in a revolution for the strategy genre, Carrier Command 2 ends up feeling more like a prototype that needed extra time in development.

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Carrier Command 2 Trailer by MicroProse

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