Heart Chain Kitty

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Heart Chain Kitty

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchAug 20, 2021
PCNov 23, 2018

Developer: origamihero games

Publisher: origamihero games

Genres: Action, Platformer

Heart Chain Kitty is a surreal 3D platformer where Kittey embarks on an epic adventure in search of his parents – learning new abilities along the way. When a heart-shaped stranger arrives on Kitty Island with news, Kittey begins his search. Deep below the world, Darkside awaits – and possibly a nightmare or two – but Kittey will be fine … he'll just have to find more of these mysterious hearts. Hearts are love, and love gives us strength! Features: ●Explore more than 40 levels. ●Visit large, surreal, and colorful worlds. ●Get around using a variety of Kittey’s abilities – like a bottle rocket, zooming, launch rings, swimming, pole-climbing, and more! ●Jump between dimensions and complete additional challenging 2D levels. ●Complete quests and collect items. ●Try to unlock the multiple endings, secret levels, and hidden bosses!

Heart Chain Kitty Critic Reviews

Heart Chain Kitty on Switch is a very rough port of a pretty rough game. What results is just uncomfortable to play. It would be one thing if the underlying experience of Heart Chain Kitty outside this Switch version was some sort of hidden gem, but it isn't. Heart Chain Kitty is technically a fully functional 3D platformer, but not one you'll actually enjoy.

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Heart Chain Kitty is a very weird game. Much like unusual art pieces some will play this and have absolutely no problem with its unusual design. But it’s a design that just didn’t click with me. Confusing objectives and tedious exploration made this a game hard to engage with. This also just doesn’t seem to have ported very well to Nintendo Switch. Not unplayable by any stretch you just might need to have quite the open gamer mind and heart to get the most out of this surreal cat experience.

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