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Broken Blades

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General Information

Available on:PCSep 13, 2021

Developers: Golden Eggs Studio, West Wind Games

Publishers: Golden Eggs Studio, West Wind Games

Genre: Action

Broken Blades is a platform, 2D action game with beautiful, fairy-tale graphics, in which we struggle with hordes of monsters and powerful bosses. Our hero is armed with a sword that can be improved as the game progresses by gaining randomly generated magic shards. The appearance and power of the upgrade will depend on the types of shards you find on your way. All locations in the game are randomly generated, so each game has a completely different layout of corridors. Discover and explore all nooks and crannies to get upgrades that will help you fight bosses. Broken Blades is a game that requires players to be extremely agile and mindful because dungeons are full of hundreds of dangerous traps and monsters. You will also meet powerful bosses on your way, so don't get killed and find a way out of the underground. Obtaining shards to improve your sword gives you the opportunity to enchant it with various elements, gaining additional abilities! Choose the most effective of them to defeat your enemies. If you are looking for a game with dynamic gameplay full of action and exploration, Broken Blades is for you! Avoid traps, upgrade your sword and reach powerful bosses to find a way out of the underworld. Enter the world of Broken Blades and let yourself be carried away by the adventure!

Broken Blades Critic Reviews

Broken Blades frustrated me in the early goings but did get better as the game went on. However, the biggest barrier for people newer to dungeon crawlers is that the game can be overly difficult, especially since you lose most of your progress upon death, only maintaining major upgrades. Dungeon crawling veterans looking for a challenge might want to give Broken Blades a shot, but even for only two dollars the game can be very difficult and frustrating for newcomers.

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Thumb Culture

Mike Differ
6 / 10.0
Thumb Culture

Broken Blades is a very challenging game and while I did feel quite a bit of rage, I didn’t quit. If it weren’t so overwhelming the combat would feel really fun and often it did. The visuals and audio were great and my personal highlight of the game. I enjoyed the choices and how there was risk and reward when exploring this underground world too. There is definitely a lot to the game and different approaches to experience it. Assuming you don’t rage quit, of course, Broken Blades is a fine addition to the Metroidvania genre. I award Broken Blades the Thumb Culture Silver Award.

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