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Wabisbai Play , Application Systems Heidelberg
Oct 20, 2021 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Growbot

One challenge for the graphic adventure has always been how to meld puzzles, which are essentially abstract snippets of logic, with telling a story, which essentially needs to flow, without stopping to do sudokus 'round every corner. Growbot makes its most common puzzle part of the world, with its flower-based music mechanic, and the art makes everything look like there’s a story behind it. Unfortunately, that appearance of story is only skin-deep, and the puzzles hang oddly on the bare frame of a plot. Outside the musical sequencing, there are some infuriating blockers – especially when doing contrived things with contrived items for contrived reasons. That Goldilocks sweet spot of difficulty that makes the player feel in control proves too elusive, but there's melodious, mechanical enjoyment to be had here if you're not fussed about story.

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Growbot is a wholesome experience with a dash of eerie undertones to it. You will find new ways of solving puzzles you haven’t seen before in similar point and click adventure games and will leave this experience wondering if you were really playing a game, or just dreaming. A shortage of hints can cause irritation, but there is so much whimsy and artistic expression it becomes easy enough to forgive. This is one nature trip you shouldn’t skip.

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Growbot is a charming puzzle adventure with a lot of heart, wrapped in a fantastically illustrated environment.

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I'd like to see a longer sequel go all-out with the soundtrack, but Growbot's fun characters and unique puzzles make it a good choice, albeit one for a future sale.

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Growbot is great for children and more casual gamers, but the gameplay does become repetitive at times, and the puzzles vary in difficulty. Overall, the price is pretty steep for something you can only really play once.

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It's like someone tells you a fantastic children's tale set on a botanical space station, and you fall asleep while you close your eyes and imagine that you're the protagonist of that fairy tale. It's such a serene but simple adventure.

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Growbot is an interesting and enjoyable game, I loved my time with it. With gameplay inspired by adventure classics such as Loom and Machinarium, and beautiful hand-drawn artwork created by a seasoned children’s book illustrator, charming characters and an intriguing narrative. If point and click games are your go-to genre, this is one that should be in your library.

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The world of illustrator Lisa Evans comes to life in this colorful and detailed adventure game. Its gameplay relies on narrative and puzzles instead of taking the path of conventional adventure games, and although it does nothing that has not been seen before, it knows how to do it very well.

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