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After The Fall

Vertigo Games
Dec 6, 2021 - PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

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Critic Reviews for After The Fall

After the Fall is a fun co-op zombie shooter in VR, but with a lack of content at launch, awkwardly randomised attachment unlocks, and constantly separating parties between levels, it's not without issues. I really want to love After the Fall and, honestly, I would be at peace with all of its flaws if it had more content.

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‎Launch lacks content, which will arrive free via update, but not even that prevents it from being a great Left 4 Dead "in virtual reality", very enjoyable playing with friends and with the appeal of cross-platform play. Everything works as it should, and removing the excessive grinding, it is a game that we will return to often.‎

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The simple mission structure, replyability and overall catharsis of After the Fall make it a triumph of VR gaming.

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Like I said at the outset, After the Fall is a fun game albeit a very short one. Yes, there is an extra PvP Team-Deathmatch mode that is moderately fun if you like VR multiplayer shooters. I found it very passable, no real issue other than I just want a fan; but if you like the VR shooters like Pavlov among many others then you may have some fun in the deathmatch. The story for the game is really just an excuse to team up with friends, and that’s ok because whether you play with friends or random folks like me After the Fall does enough to make your time spent with it feel enjoyable; and really isn’t that all we really want from our video games?

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After the Fall works best when four players are working together against hordes of swarming baddies. The shrieks and gun shots are exactly where you want them to be. But the game is held back some by a limited number of levels and some fiddly UI design. Still absolutely worth a look, but with the understanding that some refinements and more content are still on the way.

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Grab some Left 4 Dead, a splash of the much-loved arcade VR flavor, and mix it up with a hefty dose of frozen zombie apocalypse. The result will be After the Fall: not a perfect game – variety could use some work, especially – but the best action co-op ever developed in virtual reality, thanks to the experience and talent of one of the most skilled studios when it comes to injecting adrenaline and fun in VR.

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After The Fall is yet another zombie VR shooter in the line of zombie VR shooters.

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After The Fall stays alive with top-notch VR zombie shooting, but gameplay isn't enough to make up for a lack of variety and shockingly light content at launch.

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