Zoink, Thunderful Games
Nov 10, 2021 - Google Stadia
Gaming Nexus
8 / 10
Life is Xbox
Gamer's Palace
85 / 100
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Wavetale Media

Critic Reviews for Wavetale

Wavetale offers players several hours of low-stress fun, with a great traversal system and non-taxing combat. Along the way, it tells a sweet story about family. With pleasant visuals, beautiful music, and gameplay that most gamers will be able to autopilot through, Wavetale offers a fun way to while away a quiet afternoon.

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Wavetale is a short adventure game with a focus on exploration and its story that tackles topics like greed, war and loss. what’s amazing is that it wraps it in a wholesome and inclusive package that provided me with a surprisingly lighthearted experience. If you have Stadia, check this out!

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Wavetale is a relaxed platformer and a true wholesome game for me. It combines a great story with a great atmosphere. I can't wait for it to reach other platformers and - hopefully - more players!

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