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Chroma Squad

Behold Studios
Apr 30, 2015 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Chroma Squad - Official Release Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Chroma Squad

Chroma Squad is fun from the get-go, but the experience falls off as the progression systems falter and the gameplay gets repetitive

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Chroma Squad's faults don't detract from its charm

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Zordon may have wanted "teens with attitude," but Chroma Squad and its unabashed, utterly geeky love-in for all things tokusatsu shows something even harder to find: A game with heart and soul. That heart shines through the rough edges, and in some ways even turns them to its advantage. It might have taken quite a while in getting here, but fans of spandex-clad superheroic finally have the videogame to help them fill that little fantasy.

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Chromas Squad scratches both my nostalgia and strategy RPG itch in places that have long been left unscratched, and it's a game I hope Behold Studios has plans to make more of.

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Fairly superficial gameplay and recycled ideas hamper Chroma Squad. The game is saved, however, by tongue-in-cheek writing and an excellent premise. Chroma Squad definitely won't set the pond on fire but is still enjoyable.

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Chroma Squad isn't particularly deep or epic, but makes up for it in heart and charm, nailing the Saturday morning antics of its inspiration and creating a cheery game that anyone can enjoy.

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If you're looking for some serious tactics fun and have been craving some of that late 80s or early 90s campiness, do yourself a favor and pick up Chroma Squad on just about any platform of your choice.

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Even if the RPG elements are a little too shallow, Chroma Squad has great gameplay and a big ol' heart and presents it all with a smile.

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