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Labyrinth Legend

Sasuke Shimoyama, NIS America, Shinobi Games
Jul 21, 2020 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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IGN Italy
6.5 / 10
13 / 20
The Games Machine
7 / 10
7 / 10
5.5 / 10
7 / 10
Nintendo Blast
7.5 / 10
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Labyrinth Legend - Launch Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

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Labyrinth Legend - Gameplay Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

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Labyrinth Legend - Announcement Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

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Critic Reviews for Labyrinth Legend

Labyrinth Legend turned out to be a good but not great dungeon crawler. The game has an underlying simplicity that makes it really suitable for anyone but lacks the substance to best complete the work. The sound and the graphic style are above average but they fails to raise the fate of the game, condemned by its repetitiveness especially if not faced in co-op. However, it is not all to be thrown away because the game developed by Shinobi Games is very fun for a short amount of time, but the price is maybe too high for what is has to offer.

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13 / 20

It will not impress you, but it will probably be able to entertain you – and especially on the occasion of occasional runs – provided you are not too allergic to this type of game where the only purpose is to face monsters and improve your equipment.

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Labyrinth Legend is a very simple ARPG in which you explore a bunch of automatically-generated dungeons, collect equipment, and battle in real time against thousands of enemies. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Suitable for experienced explorers and for those who love to test their curiosity and gray matter, there is still regret for some problems that if eliminated would have given us an even better title and more easily advisable for purchase.

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The conversion for Nintendo Switch of Labyrinth Legend does nothing but show the limits of a product designed for the mobile market. We are in fact faced with an action RPG hybridized with roguelike elements with little playful and narrative depth, whose progression becomes monotonous and repetitive already after the first stages of the game.

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Considering its budget price, there’s a lot to like about Labyrinth Legend. Its combat is a little simple, and inventory management can be a bit of a pain at times, but crawling its dungeons in search of powerful loot is engrossing nonetheless. The bite-sized nature of its action works in its favour, too, allowing you to delve in and out of it before it wears thin. So, if the idea of a cute-looking dungeon crawler that doesn’t over-complicate itself appeals to you, Labyrinth Legend is well worth checking out.

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Even without hiding its minimalist aspects, Labyrinth Legends is a dungeon crawler that features a seductive gameplay format, capable of engaging with intense combat and addictive progression systems. A few presentation issues aside, especially the dialog boxes, this is an adventure that undeniably boasts rich and valuable features, just like those desired by Pathfinder warriors who travel to explore Katana's labyrinth.

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Labyrinth Legend is fun, but the damage system didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. If there is an algorithm for figuring out how much damage a staff would do, it was not explicitly explained. Hopefully, it was just me being dense! Also, it was just a little bland for me. There was not much story to invest it, which is a big of a negative for me personally. However, I don’t feel like this would be a negative for many fans of this sort of dungeon crawling adventure game.

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