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Resident Evil HD Remaster

Jan 20, 2015 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Resident Evil HD Remaster Review Summary

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Resident Evil HD Remaster is a faithful HD port of the original game. This does mean all the flaws of the first Resident Evil, such as awkward controls, do remain but so does its charms such as its genuine sense of fear and quirky dialogue.

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Critic Reviews for Resident Evil HD Remaster

Nevertheless, Spencer Mansion ultimately fails as a locale because of its implausibility. It is a place that has been designed in service to the designer's puzzles, rather than vice-versa and, for this reason, feels fake and contrived, characteristics that undermine the horror rather than heighten it. As a product of a unique moment in the medium's technological evolution, Resident Evil HD is a fascinating place to revisit. But for many contemporary visitors it will be an unpleasant stay, not because the game's inhabitants are unusually hostile, or because its idiosyncrasies are unfashionable, but because its formative designs have simply been bettered.

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A brilliant, brutal survival horror dripping in atmosphere. It's from the oldest of schools, but still offers a rewarding challenge.

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Resident Evil does a good job of updating the look and feel of a classic survival horror game for a new audience.

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The remake is no longer the technical marvel it once was, but Capcom has done their best to reissue it in a way that maintains all the splendour, scares, and laughs of the original.

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A fresh take on a classic game, but not without a (gnarled) handful hang-ups. This is how you remember playing the game back in 1996.

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One of the greatest horror games of all time becomes even better

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Resident Evil HD--a high-definition re-release of a remake of a classic--proves that sometimes the best adventures are the simplest ones.

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Resident Evil is still a classic, but it's hard for some people to go back to

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