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KungFu Kickball

Blowfish Studios, WhaleFood Games
Feb 10, 2022 - PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox Series X/S
11 / 20
Checkpoint Gaming
8 / 10
6 / 10
7.7 / 10
Hey Poor Player
2 / 5
7 / 10
Lords Of Gaming
6 / 10
6.5 / 10
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KungFu Kickball - Available Now!

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KungFu Kickball - Coming Soon!

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Critic Reviews for KungFu Kickball


11 / 20

Kung-fu Kickball is a small disappointment.

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Checkpoint Gaming

Unknown Author
8 / 10.0
Checkpoint Gaming

KungFu Kickball brings an unexpected amount of joy to the table. Between the simple controls, intuitive gameplay, cute art style, and banging tunes, KungFu Kickball could very well dominate your next house party. Despite the lack of diversity of the characters and stages, KungFu Kickball shakes up the arcade genre with something new and entertaining. Whether you are playing locally at home or playing online, the game has you covered, even for those playing across different platforms. If you are a fan of games such as Smash Bros. or Rocket League, I would highly recommend picking this one up and playing with both friends and family for an enjoyable night in.

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Blending together soccer and martial arts in a fun party game, KungFu Kickball is a decent game to break out when you're mates are over, though the lack of content and high price might cause you to look elsewhere.

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Overall, a really solid game. It may surprise some of you that I didn't give KungFu Kickball an 8, but like I said, there was nothing that really stood out about it. None of its problems are deal breakers, but none of its good points are super exciting. However, do remember that this is a new release, so improvements could very well be on the way. I'm really excited to see how it grows, possibly with the addition of challenge modes, or match types. Maybe one or two new characters with a totally different playstyle. Regardless, this is a strong start for a well-designed game.

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KungFu Kickball has some strong ideas. They don’t really work, though, and the game never quite manages to live up to its namesake. There’s just so little here, and so much of what is here doesn’t quite feel right. I wish I’d been able to have more fun with it, but as is, I would have a hard time recommending it even if you’re in the target audience.

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KungFu Kickball is an undeniably fun and easy-to-play title, but it's really just for group fun. Not even completing Arcade on the various difficulty levels generates a stronger excitement. In the end, this is the kind of title you keep up your sleeve when the crowd gets tired of playing other things.

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Without a doubt, Whalefood Games, which impressively consists of just the creator Jonah Wallerstein, created a really fun, enjoyable game here. It is perfect for groups of friends to kick back and enjoy playing together while getting competitive and providing some real laughs along the way. While it definitely has a limited shelf life, your time spent with Kung Fu Kickball will be remembered fondly. You’ll no doubt keep it stored away for parties when you can prove you’re the best once again!

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KungFu Kickball would have all the makings of a great party game, but it lacks in depth and variety. Moreover, the overly simplistic single player component and the almost non-existent online community relegate it to the role of a game that can only be played among friends.

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